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Oct 26, 2006 10:30 PM

URGENT: dinner TOMORROW in SOHO or Village

Impromptu dinner plans for tomorrow, friday night in SOHO or Village.

I don't think sushi would be appreciated by 2 of the group; but pretty much anything else is ok.

A nice comfy place where you can hear your dinner companions and enjoy a good meal.

Price should top out at $50-ish including drinks, tax, tip. Good food and a quiet atmosphere so the 4 of us can talk and hear each other.



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    1. Yes, or Bianca, on Bleeker near Lafayette, which is delicious and great value.

      - Sean

        1. I like Jane On Houston in that price range. It is fun and the food is good.

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          1. re: Sweatshirt Guy

            You beat me to it...Jane is a great spot

          2. Being a Soho resident, all of those options above are great. But I think the best tasting neighborhood place that fit's your needs is a place called Bistro Les Amins. Its on the corner of Thompson and Spring. It's one of the best "neighborhood" restaurants you'll find in Soho. It's very homey/comfy. Out of the "chic soho limelight" to be quiet enough for a group of four. The food is terrific (have the mixed green salad with goat cheese pastry puffs as an app.), and the price is well within your range. Its a real treat.

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            1. re: vitaminarc

              Thank you Vitaminarc.
              We went to Bistro Les Amis, and as you said, it was great.
              It was comfortable, quiet and the food was quite good.
              Thanks for the recommendation. It's a keeper.

              1. re: vitaminarc

                Went to Bistro Les Amin for a late lunch today .. it was awful!!!! Mushroom soup .. looked promising but I prefer mine without the dirt. The moules avec pomme frites .. way too much butter in the sauce for the mussels and the pomme frites were totally tasteless. Boring salads, although the description was interesting. The grilled salmon was the only thing that was passable.
                Can't understand the previous posts