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Oct 26, 2006 10:16 PM

Attention K*Town Hounds

Lately I have been so totally digging Honey Pig and Ham Ji Park for ribs, rice and pork neck soup.

What else should I be trying that isn't standard BBQ or -- if it is BBQ -- is somehow different from my usuals (Chosun Galbi, Dong Il Jang, Soot Bull Jeep or Sa Rit Gol)?

Never been to Parks?

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  1. How bout spicy crab stew? there's a place on the 1st floor of the Hamilton Hotel on 8th street (just a block east of Soot Bool jip) that is famous for this. sorry, can't remember the name. they've got gae-jang (seasoned raw crab) as a side dish.

    this is actually a drinking place to have some crab stew as you throw down shots of soj.

    1. There is a place on Pico that specializes in a Korean preparation of duck. very rustic. the whole duck is stuffed with all sorts of goodies. The restaurant used to require one-day advance notice, so that's worth keeping in mind. It's really a wonderful presentation and taste.

      Of course, I cannot remember the name of the place for the life of me. Can someone help me out here? I think the LA Times covered this restaurant a couple years ago.

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      1. My newest favorite is Sa Rit Gol on Olympic and Serrano, in the Serrano Plaza. The BBQ is just okay, but the panchan and non BBQ items are amazing. It was so refreshing to go to a Korean restaurant and eat dish after dish of great seafood: braised cod and daikon, sauteed squid, seafood pancake, spicy cold noodles...the list goes on and on. The spicy crab stew, we thought, was just okay. But the cod is to die for and all the other dishes are well done. And the panchan is varied and tasty.

        Yuchun in the same plaza (and another on 6th/Alexandria) has good arrowroot cold noodles.

        1. Across from the Pinkberry on 6th and Berendo is a small korean soul food cafe in the strip mall. There is no name in English. But you can't miss it. All they serve are more traditional one-pot dishes from different regions of the country. Also, they serve all dishes with the traditional bean rice which is comprised of beans, barley and brown rice. The panchan is much more rustic and not as traditional as the typical korean bbq fares. My favorite dish there is the Spicy Braised Mackerel with Daikon. Takes about 20 minutes to come to the table, but worth it. It's run by a few sisters and are very friendly. Will be packed during lunch and dinner, so get there early. All dishes are around $10.00 give or take.

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            sounds interesting. would you please name some of the one-pot dish names? TIA!

          2. They have the Spicy Braised Cod that I just mentioned. Also have the abalone porridge on certain days of the week. Their korean pancake is loaded with seafood and salted pork belly.
            And it's huge. They do a spicy korean greens soup that I believe has oysters in it on occasion. For the less adventurous, they have the tradidional short rib soup and soy bean paste stew with squash.

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            1. re: kproq323

              thanks. that pancake with pork belly sounds interesting. will have to try.

              for OP, another good place to try is Myong Dong Gyoza which was mentioned a while ago. This is a noodle place that serves three things, bi-bim gook soo (spicy noodles and it is spicy), kal-gook soo (noodles in a hot broth with meat & veggies), and dumplings. their kimchi is somethin else too--very garlicky but good.