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Has anyone been to this place? Is it worth a visit? I looks really charming but the menu doesn't stand out and the wine selections seem just ok.

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  1. I've never had a bad meal at Il Buco! The baby artichoke appetizer is wonderful as are the pastas and veal dishes. Great specials as well. I love having this place in my neighborhood...

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      Is it a low key, casual place? Can you eat at the bar?

    2. Had pumkin/sage rav's with a bottle of Gavi here - tuscan soup was great too - bistro style, very low key and pleasant

      1. Low key, classy but casual... I really like their pizzas.

        1. shhh. . . i live in the neighborhood and go to il buco at least once a week. really solid, tasty italian. the owners are the same as drago, il pastaio and piccolo paradiso. very casual and friendly.

          1. went to il buco for the first time last night. first off the atmosphere is totally charming. it's intimate, quiet and the staff are very friendly. prices are reasonable. i had a special, linguini arabiata with fresh crab meat and a hawaiian prawn. it was awesome. my husband opted for a new york pizza. probably the best pizza i've tasted in los angeles. (i'm a new jersey pizza snob). i will definitely be back!

            1. Don't know IL Buco but not a fan of Giacomino Drago... I will no longer go to Il Pastaio

              1. My boyfriend and I like Il Buco very much too. For a change from the too-hip L.A. scene, it's a simple,elegant, restaurant where you'll actually encounter older people. The service is very nice and the food is very satisfying-- won't win any awards, but it always makes our tummies happy.

                My boyfriend likes to get a plate of spaghetti and meatballs (not on the menu). I end up eating the zucchini ravioli in asparagus sauce every time-- it's just so light and good. You should try it!

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                  do they use a wood-burning oven for the pizzas? I googled and can't find ANY info on this (even tho they've been open for 10 years?)

                2. A neighborhood favorite. Always solid, and ever since they got a new chef a couple of months ago, occasionally outstanding. Check the daily specials. Over the summer I had a grilled cuttlefish salad that was excellent, the equal of anything I've had at Spago, AOC orther topline places, but much less expensive. Also had fresh sweet corn savory crepes, with fresh tomato sauce and buffala mozarella that were terrific. Unfortunately, as specials, they have not reappeared. Also, it can be a bit inconsistent. The same meal I had the unbelievable cuttle fish I also received an over cooked and largely flavorless veal chop (though generally there veal is pretty good).Over all a very nice, quiet place. Good to excellent food, decent wine list with pretty fair prices, and over all a really good value.

                  1. Has anyone been recently? Looking for a nice place to meet friends that is comfy and not too noisy. From comments here it sounds like it could be what we would like, provided the food is still good.

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                      Well, perhaps not.... http://la.eater.com/archives/2012/02/...

                      Perhaps Pizzeria Il Fico or Il Covo in roughly the same area.

                      il Covo
                      8706 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                      Pizzeria il Fico
                      310 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048