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Oct 26, 2006 10:10 PM

Japanese sweet potatoes...where can I find them?

Looking for a place (market, not restaurant) to get japanese sweet potatoes. They're not really that sweet (not like sweet potatoes) but taste like chestnuts.

Are they common? Do in need to go to a specialty shop? When are the in season?


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  1. There is a stand at the Union Square farmer's market on Fridays, on the north side of the square, right across from the Barnes & Noble, that has them. It's called Yuno's or Yumo's, maybe? The same farm is probably at different Greenmarket locations on different days. They have Japanese sweet potates now--I've been buying them and they are amazing.

    1. i think it's Yumo's. You can also get them at Sunrise Mart(2nd Ave @ 9th St or Broome @ W B'way) and at some of the Chinatown produce stands, but the greenmarket specimens are better.
      There used to be a Korean restaurant off of University(it became Do Sirak) that specialized in sweet potatoes, especially the variety you are looking for. It is sadly gone.

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        This time of year, Do Sirak still has a couple good sweet potato items on the menu--the sweet potato dumplings and a green salad with chunks of sweet potato.

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          that is good to know, thanks for the heads up.

      2. The greenmarket at 47th and 2nd on Wednesdays - found them a week ago. I cannot provide name of the stall but it's a small market.

        1. Does this vegetable have another name? I ate them all the time in Japan, they kept calling them sweet potatoes, but they tasted completely different. I'm dying to know what they were, or if i've had them before...they tasted very familiar....

          1. Café Zaiya on 41st has a delicious sweet potato "pie" (really a cross between a cream puff and a roll with icing) that's starchy, not too sweet, and often hot out of the oven. Just had one yesterday with a side of plum chicken sandwich (ume, cuke, mayo, and a whole shiso leaf on a sweet roll) and yaki mochi. Slightly belly-ache-inducing when eaten all at once (I couldn't resist).

            Eric Eto posted on it a couple years back. Apparently the Japanese for it is satsumachan, while sweet potato is satsumaimo.