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Best Mail Order Holiday Gifts

Please help me find some ideas for great food gifts that I can have delivered to customers for the holiday season.
I've done Florida Fruit, Wines, jams & jellies among others in the past and was hoping to find something a little different this year.

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  1. Try Dean & Deluca (if you can afford it).

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of a HarryandDavid fruit of the month subscription I received as a gift. Thought it would be lame...but it was great. (Just the fruit, not necessarily the candy/confections).


    1. Balducci's- www.balduccis.com

      Godiva chocolate. Their chocolate doesn't live up to the reputation, but the gift looks impressive.

      Gus Gallucci's market- www.tasteitaly.com

      West Point Market- gourmet grocery with very nice gift baskets

      Harry London candies.

      1. How about Bacon-of-the-month? David Rosengarten has a fresh olive oil club.

        1. It is NOT cheap but:

          1) zingermans.com - they have a BREAD CLUB which is great and tasty along with tons of other gift packages. All delish and all well received.

          2) stonewallkitchen.com - they have nice baskets/gifts and the day after Turkey Day they did a free shipping thing last year, fyi.

          3) burdicks chocolate - the chocolate mice and penguins are a big hit and very tasty. My clients love getting them.

          1. A Southern Season, an awesome gourmet store from Chapel Hill, nC has some gorgeous gifts http://www.southernseason.com/, I've always had good luck with them (and note, not everything is "Southern"



            If you are sending it to an office situation, one of our clients used to send us these awesome brownies from Fairytale Brownies--they were awesome & individually wrapped, but classy.


            1. Round Pond has a wonderful selection of olive oil, vinegar, flavored oils, and flavored syrups. Incredible quality, great for any cook or hardcore foodie.


              Laszlos Smoked Fish makes delicious smoked salmon. I haven't tried any of their other offerings but the salmon is to die for.


              Dr. Bob's ships their excellent ice creams anywhere in the US. There's something fun about getting ice cream in the mail, though the dry ice does make the shipping cost high.


              1. Boudin Bakery in San Francisco has a bread club where you can get loaves of their wonderfully tangy sourdough bread: http://www.boudinbakery.com/

                Seabear in Washington State has great salmon - smoked, etc.: http://www.seabear.com/

                Louisiana Crawfish Company will have crawfish back in season in December/January: http://www.lacrawfish.com/

                Tienda.com has a great assortment of Spanish foods and products: http://www.tienda.com

                1. Last year I received 2 gifts from Pittman and Davis http://www.pittmandavis.com/

                  One was a 3 package of breads, another was a 2 pack of fat-free marinades. I liked both of them, and in fact was thinking of giving these as a few gifts this year.

                  1. Shari's Berries! Getting these gigantic chocolate covered strawberrries during the holidays were the highlight of my job. Wow. They come in a variety of chocolates coatings.


                    1. For country ham, bacon, sausage, cheese, beaten biscuits, and many other Southern goodies go to


                      I have bought hams and other items from them for over 35 years.

                      1. How much are you willing to spend?

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                          I'm shopping in the $50 per gift neighborhood.

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                            After receiving holiday gift baskets over several years, I've come to the conclusion that it makes a difference on whether you sending it to say thank you to a male or a female. Being a male of the species, what I would most welcome recieving is a gift basket of about 4 smoked meats some of which one wouldn't find in very many restaurants or supermarkets. Example, smoked:

                            Salmon (it's everywhere, but still very welcome in an assortment)
                            Goose (very Christmas-sy)
                            ~ ect. ~

                            Unfortuneatly, the place I was thinking of is way over $50; however, if anybody knows where to get the above for about $50, please post it!

                        2. Nueske's applewood smoked bacon--THE best.


                          1. http://www.winecountrygiftbaskets.com

                            If your looking for a big presentation for the buck, check out this seller. I've sent the Breakfast in Bed tray many times and it's outstanding at its advertised price point.

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                              We received one of their chocolate assortments and it was very nice. I was surprised at how reasonable it was price-wise. The presentation was lovely. Happy Holidays!

                            2. How about a basket filled with a culinary theme such as italian, greek or chinese? or a basket filled with kitchen gadgets with a limited culinary presentation! Of course it depends how much you want to spend!

                              1. We received a nice box of Neiman Marcus petit fours during the Holidays a couple of years ago & thought they were delicious (not too sweet). I subsequently looked for them online & it was no longer available. I was reminded of it the other day & looked on their website & sure enough, there it was for the Holidays! Sent one to my sister for her upcoming milestone birthday...free shipping AND free gift wrapping!!!