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Oct 26, 2006 09:45 PM

Best Mail Order Holiday Gifts

Please help me find some ideas for great food gifts that I can have delivered to customers for the holiday season.
I've done Florida Fruit, Wines, jams & jellies among others in the past and was hoping to find something a little different this year.

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  1. Try Dean & Deluca (if you can afford it).

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of a HarryandDavid fruit of the month subscription I received as a gift. Thought it would be lame...but it was great. (Just the fruit, not necessarily the candy/confections).


    1. Balducci's-

      Godiva chocolate. Their chocolate doesn't live up to the reputation, but the gift looks impressive.

      Gus Gallucci's market-

      West Point Market- gourmet grocery with very nice gift baskets

      Harry London candies.

      1. How about Bacon-of-the-month? David Rosengarten has a fresh olive oil club.

        1. It is NOT cheap but:

          1) - they have a BREAD CLUB which is great and tasty along with tons of other gift packages. All delish and all well received.

          2) - they have nice baskets/gifts and the day after Turkey Day they did a free shipping thing last year, fyi.

          3) burdicks chocolate - the chocolate mice and penguins are a big hit and very tasty. My clients love getting them.

          1. A Southern Season, an awesome gourmet store from Chapel Hill, nC has some gorgeous gifts, I've always had good luck with them (and note, not everything is "Southern"



            If you are sending it to an office situation, one of our clients used to send us these awesome brownies from Fairytale Brownies--they were awesome & individually wrapped, but classy.