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Oct 26, 2006 09:36 PM

Boston chef couple moved to Nantucket?

Does anyone know about, I think, a chef couple (husband and wife) who used to work in Boston, but then went to Nantucket and took over an old restaurant. I can't remember their names, or the name of the place they went to. Does this sound familiar at all?

And, of course, have you been and is it any good? :o) Thanks.

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  1. Amanda Lydon and her partner Gabriel Frasca are the new owner/chefs at Straight Wharf on Nantucket.

    Here is info on them from the Nantucket Wine Festival site.

    I have not been to Nantucket since they set up shop but I was a big fan of Amanda's food here in Boston.

    1. Straight Wharf has always been a great restaurant; but under Gabriel and Amanda, they opened for the first time for lunch and brunch. It was hands down our favorite lunch spot- simple, creative menu and everything delicious. we ate there at least once a week all summer. the bar menu had less choices than in the past, but we loved everything we had. only ate once in the main restaurant at night, with a big group, but heard positive reviews all summer.
      both chefs are great people and seem to work really well together- they are very enthusiastic about the place!

      as usual the bar scene is rocking all summer, a little too packed for us on weekends, but our favorite place during the week. i think they are closed now for the season, but try it next year!

      1. Straight Wharf! Now that you mention it in this context, that sounds right.

        Yes it was already fairly decent when I was there approx 7 years ago. Will have to try it again.