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Oct 26, 2006 09:30 PM

Tapas/small plates---for LUNCH?

Planning early...DH and I will be staying with my parents the week between Christmas and New Year's. While we have plenty of favorites for dinner in Queens (where they live), we like to explore in Manhattan during the days and are always looking for someplace interesting for lunch. We hear that tapas/small plates (all cuisines) are now popular in the city (the trend hasn't caught on here at home in Peoria!). Does anyplace serve tapas or small plates at LUNCHTIME? We're pretty open to all cuisines. As always, delicious food is more imortant to us than ambiance, service, alcoholic beverages, etc.

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  1. Tia Pol is fantastic, and I believe they serve their tapas at lunch.

    1. i've had small plate lunches at Casa Mono -- a Mario Batali place that's a bit pricey, but very good. nice selection of dishes and wines as well. it's on east 17th st/irving Place. enjoy your visit!

      1. I've only been to Casa Mono for lunch and always enjoyed it - can be pricey - but for us, in part, because of the incredible Spanish-only wine list.

        1. Boqueria (W. 19th at 6th) and Casa Mono (just off Union Square) are my favs. Tip Pol may or may not be open for lunch during the week, but def are for brunch. Very hard to get in as its small.

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            As per their website, its open for lunch tues-fri, 12 -3.

          2. i love cafe espanol, a small old style spanish place with real substance. plenty of small plates. i love their garlic shrimp and their potatoes!