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Oct 26, 2006 09:30 PM

Mama's Brick Oven--a little disappointing

I tried this place for dinner last night and wasn't too impressed with both the food and the service. I really wanted to like it too since it's gotten some pretty positive reviews.

I had the "Grandma's" slice of pizza--a low carb pizza dough w/cheese and veggies, and the garlic knots. My friend had the chicken parmesan plate which came w/pasta, a small salad and garlic knots.
My pizza was so-so...okay, maybe that's what I get for ordering "low carb" at an Italian restaurant (!) I must say the garlic knots were good though. My friend liked her chicken dish though nothing too spectacular.
I think my main disappointment was with the service. It was quite slow and disorganized. Maybe it was b/c of the big crowd that came in after us but our orders were basically forgotten about and we had to remind them a couple times after hungrily waiting for our food.

Still, I would probably give Mama's another try and hopefully have a better experience the next time around.

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