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Oct 26, 2006 09:26 PM

The Historical Geography of the Taco in New York City

I'm currently taking a class at Eugene Lang College titled "Mexican New York." We're going to be untertaking a class project in which we're supposed to find, document, and analyze taquerias in the city, and investigate their role as public forums and meeting places in New York's Mexican immigrant community. Over the course of seven weeks each student is supposed to find ten different taquerias and we're all supposed to go to different ones, which means, as a class, we're talking close to 500 different places. So that's where you come in. Please recommend your favorite Mexican places in the city. They can be in any borough. I'm not sure yet exactly how we're going to define "taqueria," but I'm assuming one of the prerequisites is that they be cheap and fairly casual. Obviously anything with the word taqueria in its name is of interest.

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    1. Here's a place to start in Queens.

      It's badly in need of an update, so maybe you can report what you and your class find.

      1. Just go up and down Roosevelt Ave in Queens you will find 100 of these stands.

        1. There is one on the corner of Classon and Dekalb in Clinton Hill that every day is bustling with as many a 25 ppl. Whole families with kids playing in the sidewalk in front.

          1. Head to Sunset Park in Brooklyn, walk down 5th avenue between 36th street and 59th street.

            Also you can try Wycoff avenue and Myrtle avenue in Ridgewood.

            And of course there are many on Roosevelt avenue.

            If you keep your eyes open you will find them in many neighborhoods.