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Oct 26, 2006 09:16 PM

Tacoma: Restaurant with sports?

Looking for something edible before attending a college concert Saturday -- and to catch part of a ballgame. Especially love smoke free; don't expect great food but is there anything edible served with a ball game on the side?

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  1. ejohn, Alfred's will suit your request nicely. And, if your event is at the Tacoma dome, it's just two blocks South.

    1. Shenanigans in Tacoma; there is also a more casual brewpub within stumbling distance whose name escapes me; both have sports

      1. The sports bar next to Shenanigan's is The Ram.
        Try the meatloaf sandwich or dinner.
        The food is pretty good for a chain.
        3001 Ruston Way, on the waterfront.