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Oct 26, 2006 09:14 PM

Trickey wine pairing!

Making a braised Buffalo sirloin tip tonight. It's sweeter than beef and a cab(tried a nice Robert Young last time)just dosent seem perfect. Any ideas,please?

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  1. Either a meaty style of Burgundy like a Pommard Rugiens or a softer Rhone like a St. Joseph would be a good place to start

    1. Any wine with high tannins and acidity simply won't work. Try some fruity red the kind of fine red zinfandel (Ridge makes exceptional ones) or it's Italian counterpart Puglia's Primitivo, They should have plenty of satisfying structure while fresh enough to keep your palate clean through the entire meal, enhancing the texture and flavors of the Buffalo loin.

      1. I agree with the Zinfandel recommendation, and would add a New World (CA or Australia) Syrah or Shiraz as an alternative.

        1. i agree with st. joseph--an older chateauneuf might be an idea, too. something with some gamy/meaty flavors and aromas in the wine itself to echo buffalo.

          1. You might try a valpolecella ripaso or even an amarone. the richer raisenated undertones will certainly match well.

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              thanks to all,went with the St. Joseph --- V.V.good - thanks!

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                Though the Zin and Syrah recs. earlier will probably work, I really like the Amarone suggestion. Recently had a tenderloin (Filetto Di Manzo Alla Griglia) with a slightly sweet red wine (Port?) reduction and a '98 Tommasi Amarone Classico. The pairing was made in heaven, even if this wine was a bit young (decanted ~30 mins.) and not greatest producer.