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Oct 26, 2006 09:00 PM

Sake 2 Japanese & Thai in Tradition (Port St.Lucie)

I heard that Sake 2 Japanese & Thai Restaurant opened on Oct. 19, 2006, at Tradition Square in Port St. Lucie. Did any sushi-starved Port St. Lucians rush right out to try it yet?

The restaurant is supposed to be a branch of the Sake Japanese & Thai Restaurant in Vero Beach. How is that one?

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  1. I have friends who live in Tradition and they have been there twice so far. They love it. I'll have to try it when I visit next. I am in Hobe Sound so Traditions is not too far for sushi! Good sushi that is!

    1. We had dinner there during Christmas week. The food was pleasant, but not outstanding. I had a very tasty red Thai curry. Our sons were looking forward to sushi, but all Sake 2 had were maki (rolls) and no nigiri. It's close enough to our home in Tradition that we can walk to the restaurant, so we probably will visit it again sometime.

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        No nigiri? Then how is it a sushi restaurant? *confused*

        I had great sushi at VERY reasonable prices at Sakura, Federal Highway in Stuart. $9.99 lunch specials are especially good, so are their teriyaki dishes. Full sushi bar and always lots of nigiri. ;-)

      2. I had lunch there today and I must say it is quite sub par. I did not have any sushi as I was in the mood for Thai. I ordered a bowl of Tom Yum and the chicken Pad Thai. Neither dish was even close to what I would consider true Thai.

        The Tom Yum was not at all spicy, overly salted and didn't have nearly enough lime or lemongrass flavors. They also put so many sliced tomatoes in it that it gave the broth a very intense tomato flavor. Also, I hate tomatoes in Tom Yum.

        The Pad Thai was bland, "westernized", and overall, quite boring. When I asked for some chili garlic sauce, or anything to kick it up a notch, our waitress told me they didn't have any. Really?!

        In conclusion, it might be okay for sushi, but if you are craving Thai, go elsewhere.