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Oct 26, 2006 08:48 PM

35 for dinner in midtown -- looking for great food place that won't break the bank!

Looking for recommendations of places that offer a private room for about 35-40 people in midtown east for dinner.

The tricky part so far has been finding a place that can offer great food, as well as affordable rates. (approx. budget $50-60 pp)

So far thinking along the lines of:
11 Madison (not sure if this will be outside budget)

Any recommendations welcome.



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  1. those would be out of budget. sorry i can't offer ideas

    1. You don't indicate whether the $50-60pp budget includes drinks (wine, liquor), tax & tip. But even if it's only for food, chow_girl is correct that Keens and Eleven Madison would be too expensive, especially with a private room for which there may be a substantial extra charge.

      Presuming that $50-60 must include everything, I think you are going to have to consider places where the food, while good, is not on the same level as EMP and Keens. Here are two possibilities:

      Cibo, on the corner of 2nd Av. & 41st St., serves very good Tuscan/New American cuisine. There are 2 dining rooms separated by a small entrance area (plus an enclosed bar room). They would give over one of the dining rooms entirely for your event. They regularly offer a 3-course prix-fixe for $29.95 which, once drinks, tax tip are added, would probably meet your budget. Of course, they may also be able to offer you other workable alternatives.

      Trio, on 33rd St., b/t Lex & 3rd, serves well-prepared Mediterranean cuisine. If you go to their website, you will find a sample menus for a private function with a cost that might fit your budget. If adjustments need to be made, I'm sure they will work with you.

      1. Inoteca on Rivington has a private room (basement but agreeable) that is within your budget, includes wine. The max capacity I believe is 35.