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Oct 26, 2006 08:12 PM

Staying for a month, need recs

I will be in Montreal staying at 350 Prince Arthur West with my hubbie and 2 kids (one and three years old). I'm looking for great take away and family friendly restaurants close by. Also, where are the best bagels and bakeries in this area? We're visiting from Toronto and there are no good bagels near us, I can't wait to have good bagels every morning! My husband will be working at Sadie Bronfman theatre so recs in that area are good too. And finally what markets are not to be missed while visiting? We will have a vehicle for getting around while we're there.
Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Best pizza in the ghetto and family friendly: Amelio's on Milton and Ste-Famille

    They also do take-away and delivery.

    You could also check out 14 Prince Arthur West for some good vietnamese food.

    The best bagels near you are at Fairmount Bagel on Fairmount between Clark and St-Urbain. They also happen to be the best bagels in town.

    As far as public markets go, you'll be halfway between Atwater and Jean-Talon markets. I suggest Jean-Talon.

    You can search this board for more ideas.

    I hope your stay is enjoyable.

    1. If you're into mexican food, there's Tortillera Maya on St-Laurent just up Fairmount. Also, if you like indian food, there's a bunch of restaurants on St-Laurent in that area.

      Also on St-Laurent in that area, there are a couple of good restaurants such as l'Atelier and À l'Os (BYOW) as well as BU wine bar.

      On St-Laurent around Marie-Anne and Mont-Royal, you'll find Robins des bois, a non-profit restaurant with good food. There's also MeatMarket where they make creative burgers.

      As we get closer to Prince-Arthur, you'll find Le Reservoir on Duluth near St-Laurent, great bar with refined and decently priced food. They brew some beer. Also on Duluth, Soup Soup offers good soup and dessert for a good price. On the corner of Rachel, there's Patati et Patata that makes good fries. There are also many portuguese roasters in that area, some like Romados.

      If you're looking for a butcher, head to Charcuterie La Vieille Europe. Good prices, quality stuff and great selection of cheeses, deli meat and sausages as well as coffee, chocolate and other things.

      And not to be missed just down Duluth, Charcuterie Hébrahique otherwise known as Schwarz THE smoked meat place. There's also Slovenia that is a polish deli and butcher. They make good saussage sandwiches.

      I've probably forgot many places, but that's a pretty good start.

      1. That is a great location - with lots of restaurants in walking distance.

        I agree with most the recommendations above (esp. Amelio's, the chicken roasters on St. Laurent and Shwartz's for take-away, Fairmount bagels and Jean Talon Marker) but would add two bakeries near you:

        La Patisserie Belge which is on Avenue Parc

        Pain Dore on St. Laurent near Prince Arthur (It's a chain with many locations)... but the one thing that I really like are their frozen croissants and chocolatines that you bake at home. You might decide to eat these for breakfast every day instead of the fairmount bagels!

        Past La Patisserie Belge is a Chez Cora which serves big breakfasts. It's not haute cuisine or particularly charming but it is very family friendly.

        I much prefer Jean Talon to Atwater and you can get lots of prepared food here... It's an endless pleasure for me-- always something new to discover. There's a Quebec products shop there too that you won't want to miss.