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Adriatic Fig Spread (from Whole Foods)

Has anyone tried this product? It comes in a little jar with an orange label on the lid.

I got addicted to it last year when one of the girls from the company would keep it at work with quality cheeses and snack on that during breaks. She would give it to us and I got hooked.

It's so delicious on like a crispy crostini type or flatbread cracker with a blue cheese or other sharp-ish soft cheese.

Does anyone else like it? I am pretty sure it's now available in most Whole Foods markets.

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  1. I haven't tried this but it sounds great. I get a fig and almond cake from italy that's great with cheese (as is membrillo--quince paste from portugal)...

    1. I eat it all the time and I really like it. But I definitely still prefer using fresh figs and just cutting them up to eat with bread and cheese. But the spread is still good and very convenient.

      1. That stuff sounds awesome.

        Any other suggestions for using fresh figs? Our fruit market sells gorgeous figs, but only in a quart basket. I don't know what to do with that many.

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          I love figs, so I'm always using them. Here are a couple of my favorite fig recipes...

          Just cut them in half and toss them into a spinach salad with some pepper, gorgonzola, slivered almonds, and then toss in a light vinagerette.

          Turn on your broiler. Cut the figs in half. Put a little piece of blue cheese in the center of the fig and then wrap a piece of prosciutto around it. Broil for a few minutes (it doesn't take long). Then serve them on a bed of microgreens and splash them with a touch of balsamic vinegar. Heavenly.

          1. re: glutton

            Hi "mamacita",
            Thx for passing on some of your favorite fig recipes.

        2. I just tried a fig, goat cheese, mint and purple onion pizza using the fig spread and it was delicious! I'm sure sliced fresh figs would be kicker!

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              Oh it is, Sparkina! I've made that pizza for lunch, breakfast, late night snack dozens of times. The only update I've made since 2006 is a whole wheat crust with fresh chopped mint in the dough instead of using it as a topping. Made a world of difference in keeping the mint flavor without drying it out. Fresh figs or fig jam worked really well. And a drizzle of balsamic and honey just before serving adds another flavor boost.

              I hope you'll give it a try.

          1. Last Thanksgiving, I put out some fig spread with the Brie and crackers (or, as George Bush says, "Brie and cheese") for everyone to nosh while we had some pre-dinner cocktails. There were several skeptics at first, but after tasting the combination, everyone became a fan of fig spread with Brie. It is a really nice combination, IMHO.

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            1. re: Ted in Central NJ

              What a great idea. I love this fig spread. I like it with goat cheese, but haven't had it with brie yet. Might need to have some tonight!

              1. re: Ted in Central NJ

                I first tried this spread at WFs when they had a tasting. They paired it with d' affinois which was also being sold. It's almost brie, but softer and creamier. OMG I was hooked since then.

              2. I love this stuff! I've stuffed turkey and also chicken into a ballotine with fig jam, cherries, brandy, and other goodies. I posted about it some months ago under Home Cooking.

                4 Tb fig jam
                4 oz ready-to-eat foilpak chestnuts, small diced (avail from Asian shops)
                4 Tb total, mix of dried sour cherries and cranberries, soaked in a small jar with AT LEAST an equal amount of good cognac for two days until plumped, drunk, and irrestibly fragrant.
                4 Tb walnuts, broken into small pieces.
                1 tsp onion powder
                2 egg whites, lightly beaten.
                2 links sweet turkey sausage, casing removed.
                Pinch of fresh ground nutmeg.
                Salt & Pepper.

                1/2 cup pomegranate syrup (avail in Middle Eastern shop)
                1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
                1/2 cup chicken juice from roasting pan, mostly de-fatted
                Boil until reduced in half and slightly thickened.

                1. I have not tried this fig spread, but I think I know what it is. Making a basic fig spread at home is one of the easiest things you can do. You just need to cut up a bunch of dried figs, splash them with some lemon juice, thrown in a bit of sugar, and then cook them on the stovetop in some water. After 20 minutes, you'll have a great fig spread. I make this in big batches and can it. One of my favorite things is to take a baguette, spread some fig spread on it, add a bit of serrano ham, add a bit of manchego, throw in a bit of arugula, and add a bit of fruity olive oil. A great little sandwich.

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                    Good god, that sound good! We actually have a fig tree. I might take your advice and make my own next year. Thanks!

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                      I make a similar spread w/ dried or fresh figs, orange zest and juice and balsamic vinegar (cheap stuff) - just let it cook slowly until sweet and fabulous - I gave it for Christmas presents.

                    2. It's really great for me since I no longer live in a place where you can get decent figs inexpensively at all.
                      For the week or two that whole foods near here does carry them in the fall, they're very small, very expensive and not so good.

                      This stuff has a huge taste so it lasts for a really long time.

                      1. I'm swooning. I LOVE that stuff! My fave way of using it: Water crackers topped with Marscarpone topped with the Adriatic Fig Spread.
                        Unfortunately I haven't gotten any since the Christmas holidays b/c I'm being "good". I have to figure out the WW points because now I want some and will have to head off to Whole Foods!

                        1. I have also seen it at Albertson's and Fresh & Easy here in southern california.

                          Spread it on brie and sprinkle w/chopped or sliced almonds and bake until bubbly. OMG!

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                          1. re: laliz

                            I couldn't find it in the jam and jelly aisle at my local Albertson's here in Oregon.

                            1. re: tracylee

                              Don't know about Albertson's, but I usually see it displayed on top of or around the cheese case. Look for the distinctive orange cap on a smallish marmalade-type jar.

                              1. re: bulavinaka

                                OK, thanks, I headed back that way and from a distance looked it over, but by then all of the employees in the area had already either helped me or heard me turn down a piece of strawberry shortcake, so I was feeling like I was just wandering in circles at that point.

                                1. re: tracylee

                                  They just might not carry - I think it depends on how deep of a cheese selection they have. I usually associate this product with places like Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, cheese stores, etc. This is the product that I usually pick up:


                                  Maybe call first?

                                  1. re: bulavinaka

                                    I thought of that. There's a different store nearer to home that tends to carry more unusual and gourmet items. Next time I'm there, I'll look for it. I love browsing the unusual (for here) stuff hanging around the cheeses.

                              2. re: tracylee

                                I found it at our Fred Meyer's store in the cheese section.

                                1. re: jlhinwa

                                  That's where we do our regular shopping, so I'll look there also. Thanks!!!

                            2. I've had that kind as well as Bonne Maman brand (more jam-y, but good). Also have tried various brands from Middle Eastern markets, cheaper than WF but yummy.

                              1. They sell two of them, one with orange and one with just fig. When l helped open a W(T)F in Florida, the item was a standard and prominently displayed.

                                1. I just discovered the Adriatic fig spread over the holidays. I love it, and it spreads very nicely compared to some other products I've tried (more even, less clumps). I found a recipe for a savory bleu cheese cookie that is topped with fig spread. The Adriatic spread worked perfectly on the cookie. Due to popular demand, I made about 20 dozen of those cookies.

                                  1. Love it and bring it back whenever we go to Croatia where it's made (at least the brands we find). It's also wonderful thinned a bit and used as a glaze for pork and duck.

                                    1. It is great. If ever I need jelly for something, I just use this.

                                      I imagine it would be great in a baked fruit-bar recipe or breakfast danish, but I never take the time to do that.

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                                        Grace W, I followed this fruitcake bar recipe but instead of using 6T of brown sugar I used 5T of fig spread and it was so gooey and delicious.

                                      2. Yes! It's my second favorite to olives or tapenade with cheese. It even makes a grilled cheese better.

                                        1. YES! I happened to try some at a sampling at the Lake Calhoun Minneapolis Whole Foods a few days ago and oh my gosh, I have thought of nothing else but the fig spread! It was amazing on the cheese they had along with it. This is something I wouldn't normally purchase but now, I need to drive the seventy five miles from Wisconsin to Minneapolis to purchase this, lol. ***sighs*** I never learn! I KNEW I should have just shelled out the 6.99 for the 8.5 oz. jar!

                                          1. Yes!! This fab Adriactic Fig Spread was included in a Xmas Gift Basket and yum!
                                            Will need to try it with some cheese. THX!