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Oct 26, 2006 07:46 PM

Prix Fix

Anyone know of some good recommendations for a Prix Fix menu in the Boston area? WOuld be great if it included wine tasting. Thanks!

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  1. Try the wine dinners at 'Ten Tables' in Jamaica Plain. Not only will you get a phenomenal meal but the price is a very reasonable $35 per person. This is one of the gems of Boston. For more info visit

    1. Lumiere and Rendezvous both do a Sunday prix fixe menu. There was a recent thread on Rendezvous which indicated that it was a good deal. I've had the Lumiere prix fixe dinner and found it excellent but I've a great fan of this restaurant in general.

      Lumiere had wine pairings when I was there a couple of months ago. My husband had this with his meal and was very enthusiastic about the choices. I don't drink alcohol so can't be more helpful.

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        Pigalle also has a Sunday night $40 PF dinner to which a bunch of us will be going to soon. They offer a half glass w/app & entree for $45, but we'll no doubt be sharing a bottle or 2 on top of this.

      2. Grotto has their prix fixe menu for $33. It is delicious and lots of food!

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          Yes indeed! I forgot about Grotto, their menu has good choices and the servings are huge.

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          1. chez henri has a prix fixe as well. i think it's around $39 a person. haven't had it yet.