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Oct 26, 2006 07:29 PM

The Colosseum in Salem,NH

I think I had the best veal of my life here, my fiance always gets the seafood colloseum which is packed with lobster, clams, scollops, etc. its just incrdible. Everything ive ever tried here is great. And there eggplant rollatini is the best ive ever had too. I highly reccomend this place

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  1. I wish I could say the same, but I had one of the worst Italian meals here in my life. It could have been the attitude of the waitress that gave me the bad taste in my mouth. Granted this was a year ago, but I refuse to go back.

    Trattoria Amalfi is our place of choice in Salem, NH

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      was your waitress kinda young tall with blonde hair?

      The guy who owns trattoria used to work for the colosseum same with the guy who owns picola italia in manchester, they all have the same menu with a few difference, trattoria is cheaper but the colosseum gives you quality

    2. I don't remember what the waitress looked like, and I sort of forgot about the whole episode, until I saw your post.

      I had some good meals at the Colosseum in the old location, and this was my first time at the new location.

      Thanks for the little history of the places. If I can convince my GF to give it another try I'd go back.

      1. Caserta44, you're right about the eggplant appetizer; it's the best of the two other offshoots of this restaurant. However, I've found that the quality ,in general, varies a lot compared to a few years ago.

        1. We haven't been to Colosseum in several years, but we liked it back then. Picola Italia in Manchester we visited just about 2 months ago and it was great. We both had veal (different dishes). It was great!

          1. My wife and I liked the Colliseum when it was in the old location, but have been extremely disappointed in the food and service the few times that we visited the new place.

            Trattoria Amalfi has better food and service, albeit with a more limited menu.

            Salem has a LOT of Italian places, including Polcari's (across the street from the Trattoria) and the easy-to-miss Ralphie's Cafe Italiano. There's also Nick's in the same plaza as the Colliseum.

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            1. I really like the red sauce at Ralphie's, and the portions are huge.