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Oct 26, 2006 07:17 PM

St. Louis--Mike Shannon's Steakhouse vs 1111 Mississippi

I'm going to a conference in November and have been invited to two vendor-sponsored dinners. Since I'm not paying for it, price doesn't matter. whatta ya think?

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  1. Can't you do both?

    I haven't been to Mike Shannon's so I can't make a fair comparison. They describe themselves as the place to "see and be seen". Not exactly what I'm looking for in a restaurant. Atmosphere-wise it's purely baseball and pricey.

    I like 1111 very much. They bill themselves as a kind of Napa-Tuscan wine bistro thingy. The old warehouse gives a wonderful atmosphere. The creme custard napoleon dessert is wonderful.

    1. They are scheduled for the same night. Theoretically I could do both (dinner at one, drinks at the other kind of thing) but frankly I'm a cheap date for drinking and a pumpkin for staying up late so it's unlikely.

      1111 looks more my thing, but I do love a good steak.

      1. I have eaten at both places and I would definitely choose 1111 Mississippi. I did not have a steak at Mike Shannon's, but I thought the food was just OK and not worth the price...

        1. We had a very nice lunch at 1111 Mississippi last week. The service was good. We shared grilled salmon with white beans, bacon and braised mustard greens and their signature sandwich which had lots of lobster, bourbon apples, watercress and thyme remoulade on toasted country bread. The dinner menu looked really nice, we'd like to try that, as well. Much more interesting than Mike Shannon's, in our opinion.