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Seafood in Atlanta for client dinner

Need a nice, not extravagant place for seafood dinner in Atlanta.

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  1. Ray's on the River - awesome food, awesome view of the Chattahoochee River. There are 2 other "Ray's" around Atlanta, but they each have their own flavor so to speak.


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      Went there the other night - food was mediocre, service, while exceedingly polite, was disoranized. The setting is lovely, the food is average at best (I had the special which was pacific grouper that evening, while my colleague ordered a medium rare steak which was overcooked)

      1. How about the Atlanta Fish Market on Pharr Road? I've not had a bad meal there, It's atmospheric and the food and service are ok and the prices are I think a little less than Oceanaire
        Bluepointe is also good but more pricy.

        I like most of the Buckhead life restaurants if I want to show off for out of towners

        1. Have to agree about the Atlanta Fish Market ... not only lovely to look at but the choices are spectacular .. and the dishes I have ordered there blew my mind!

          1. I am not personally a huge fan of Atlanta Fish Market... but it's a big hit with tourists & visitors & such. Not sure about an alternative though!

            1. kyma or bluepointe are also good with fresh fish/seafood. beautiful people watching too.

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                Kyma would be my choice, but it's expensive. I had a lovely meal there and did not have to pay for it.

                I have not been impressed with the fish at either Bluepointe or Atlanta Fish Market, although I love Bluepointe for drinks, and as you suggest "people watching."

              2. kyma, fish market and oceaniare are probably all in the 'extravagant' realm for the poster.

                1. Depending on how you want your seafood prepared, you might enjoy Beyond the Bayou, an authentic Louisiana restaurant in Sandy Springs.