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BLT Burger

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According to gothamist BLT Burger quietly opened today. Anybody been by yet? Any (extremely) early reports?


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  1. It was VERY DISSAPOINTING. We had a $16.00 Kobi burger (fries were extra-it didn't even come with a pickle)....and an $11.00 burger that came with fries. Fries were ok but burgers were soooo small, couldn't tell the difference between the Kobe burger or they're "regular" burger. The buns on both looked & tasted like they came from Food Emporium across the street. Soda was flat too. Not rushing back there any time soon if at all.

    1. Tthe burgers weren't that stellar. Its not that they were bad, just a bit bland. The waffle fries were horribly heavy and greasy and the mustard not really edible either (though I tend to prefer dijon type mustards).
      BUT the spiked milkshakes were phenomenal, I'm sure the non alcoholic ones are great too.

      1. also had a very disappointing experience....small bland, burger...... pj clarks rip off interior, bad desserts...I really don't understand why they did this place....Shake Shack, Corner Bistro, Burger Joint et al..far superior

        1. wife and I tried to go there last week, we got a seat fairly quickly, then were ignored for about 10 minutes, so we split. Guess I'll be sticking with the corner bistro when I am jonesing for a burger :-)

          1. Went this weekend and the Classic Burger is seriously good. The rest of the menu although not perfect yet seems quite capable of shaking itself out. The fries are fine. At this point a BLT burger+fries+coke for 11 bucks which comes with competent service and a roof is very welcome.


            1. Had the merguez burger and vivaldi onion rings there today and agree the buns were not pretty to look at, a bit like a deflated souffle. The burger as a whole tasted pretty decent. The cucumber in the yogurt sauce might do for a bit more finer cut(not so fine as to not having a nice crunch) for better dispersion through the bites. The onion rings were crispy but a bit too greasy and felt like i could have done with maybe 2-3 more rings (visually the plate looked too spartan as if somebody had nibbled on a few rings before i got my plate). Does higher oil temp make for a less greasy onion ring or is it the batter? Had an egg cream and while i have not had many in my lifetime, it did not come across as something i would order again. Are egg creams supposed to be served cool (not cold but almost warm)? All in all, I would still give it another try.

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                Egg creams should be served cold. Period. (The classic egg cream: Fox's U-bet Choc. Syrup + ice cold whole milk + cold fountain seltzer with proper fizz.)

              2. Yesterday at lunch: Overcooked burger, a wimpy slice of cheddar, disproportionate amount of mustard versus ketchup. And soggy fries to boot. Thumbs down. Guess we gotta wait a few weeks to try again.

                1. My wife and I ate there tonight for dinner - the 35 min. wait quickly morphed into 50 min. Meanwhile, we watched as servers mooned around and more than one table sat empty for 20 min., and this with a line out the door. After our food came (relatively promptly), inexplicably, they told us, "there are no more fries," which is like saying we have no more burgers at a burger place. Turns out both fryolaters had broken, but instead of trying to make amends by offering us something, anything, they went ahead and charged us for the fries anyway. We mentioned this to one of the managers who interrupted his reverie long enough to ask us how our food had been. We told the manager that he could have built some goodwill by offering us a free anything, and he rushed to give us two cupcakes as we left. Bottom line: the food is good (my wife said the turkey burger was excellent), although of course we can't really comment on the fries. I will say that the milkshake, despite using good ice cream, was on the watery side, an unforgiveable shortcoming in a joint like this. I know it's early days, but the place is totally disorganized. Front of the house has to get its act in order.

                  1. FOOD GOOD, SERVICE BAD! BAD!
                    My girlfriend and I had dinner there tonight. We decided to try it out after meeting an employee in Food Emporium last week, who was purchasing ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup for their "do it yourself" sundae bar (which was no where in sight). We ordered 2 apps at the bar of which we got only 1 (the Farmer's salad, which was excellent). After about 30 minutes, we were seated. Our order was taken, but our drinks were not received for over 10 minutes, and not until after we asked a manager. Our food order did not arrive for another 20 minutes after that. The burgers (turkey and merguez) were small but quite tasty. The fries and buns, however, did not measure up.

                    Etiquette Note: Whoever trains the bus boys should encourage them to wait until the patrons have finished eating/drinking or at the very least put their sandwich down before taking away their plate. Also, reaching across the table to bus empty beer bottles, is a major faux pas.

                    We receive much better service and just as good burgers at the Waverly down the street for 1/2 the price!!!

                    1. Finally made it today around 11:30. My boyfriend and I were one of 3 tables when we arrived, one of 5-6 when we left. There were about 5-6 hovering wait staff as well. I loved my classic burger w/cheddar. It was cooked rare (no one asked how I wanted my burger) with a nice seared crust. My boyfriend had the blt burger w/fries. His patties were more medium; he liked it, but didn't think it was worth the price tag. He ordered his burger w/fries, which were of the shoe string variety, but meatier than fast food fries. While we ate, 3 people sent back their food, so perhaps the restaurant was having consistency issues.

                      1. Sat at the bar yesterday at lunch. The free barbecue chips (from a bag) were the highlight and were especially appreciated since it took 40 minutes to get my burger which they got wrong-I ordered a classic combo with American cheese and fries and a chocolate shake. Shake was decent but small with canned whipped cream. The shake came immediately and therefore I had to finish it before the burger came. After complaining they finally brought my medium rare burger but I got a BLT (double patty) with swiss marked rare (though it was medium rare). Basically a shake shack clone with a little more char grilled taste. Fries were nothing great. Very expensive. I'm not a fan of the Shack anyway. Don't understand the obsession with superior "fast food" California type burgers. Give me Corner, Burger Joint, Molly's, Donovan's , Melon's, Fanelli's and the most recent addition, Royale, anytime. Not to mention far better atmosphere and price value.

                        1. The menu looks exactly like Taylor's Automatic Refreshers

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                            I agree that the design of the menu looks like Taylor's but the food is nowhere near as good.