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Oct 26, 2006 06:43 PM

Opus - tasting menu or a la carte?

Five of us are planning on eating dinner at Opus tomorrow night. I've read all the recent reviews and am excited to try it.

So is this a place where the tasting menu is the way to go? And if it is, is the 3 course menu worth it, or do we need to go with the 6 course to really experience the place. And if we go with a la carte, any must eat dishes?


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  1. I don't have any answers since I'm planning to try it this weekend too, but I had another question to add.

    Is it totally uncouth to share a tasting menu? Neither my dining partner nor I have a very big appetite but would like to sample as much as possible.

    Sorry to hijack your thread, Norton, but I didn't see the point in starting yet another Opus thread. Have an awesome dinner!

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      i sometimes share a tasting menu, but if i do i usually sit at the bar so as to not put out a waiter. for me its always win win by eating at the bar. its much more intimate allowing me to sit shoulder to shoulder. easier to share, and i always get to talk to the bartender who usually ends up hooking it up. sometimes i dont like the stiffness of the dining room, the theatricality of it all, and just want a nice casual dinner.

      i recently shared the 6 course at opus in this manner and found most of the courses except for perhaps the shima-aji and hamachi sashimi course were totally shareable. particularly if you dont mind small tastes, which i dont at all!

      1. re: modernist

        Thank you for the first hand response. I'm all about small tastes! The bar it is...

        Apologies to Norton again for totally hijacking this thread. It probably would have been wiser to start a fresh one, but I was trying not to clutter up the board.

    2. If you don't have a big appetite a 3 course might work... it will likely be 3 courses with a couple of additional items. I don't think any of the courses are really big enough to share, so I would get your own per person. If they can, maybe you can ask for 2 three course menus with one or two variations in the courses so you get some different items?

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        Good idea. We often do tasting menus but leave at least half of each plate. It always seems like such a waste. I've never quite worked up the nerve to ask to share, it seems so tacky but is definitely tempting!

        1. re: woojink

          the 3 course i ordered turned out to be 7 courses, but really, it's small portions. you'll be sufficiently satiated.

        2. We ended up doing the 3 course tasting menu, and it was great. The amuse bouche was a celery root pannacotta that you drink. Yummy - the celery taste was very light. The first course was a nutty custard like thing. Sorry I can't remember the details. I wasn't keen on it, but it was interesting. The main course was veal. Amazing! It just melted in my mouth. Very decadent. For dessert, there was a small creme brulee which was light and good and then chocolate mousse with pineapple. I'm not a fan of mousse but everyone else loved it. All in all, it was a solid meal.

          A lot of people were dining there that night. The LA Times review must have helped. The last time we went, before this chef, it was pretty bad - the food, the service and the prices. But now this may just be our new neighborhood place (besides Korean of course). Lucky for us, it's walking distance.