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Oct 26, 2006 06:43 PM

Healthy Lunch Ideas?

I've been eating out or ordering in for lunch too much lately. I've decided to start packing healthier lunches and would appreciate your ideas. Naturally, something quick and easy to prepare, easy to pack, etc. Thanks in advance!

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  1. My brown bag standbys:
    --hummus & pita (if you're super pressed for time, buy prepared hummus from the deli case), with a healthy slice of feta cheese on the side...and an after-lunch mint!
    --peanut butter & green apple slices and a box of rasins
    --egg salad (mayo, creole mustard, dill relish, a sprinkle of garam masala) on ak-mak crackers or wheat thins
    --sliced cucumbers & tomatoes, dressed with ponzu & sprinkled with sesame seeds; add a cup of instant miso soup in cold weather
    --a few ounces of good cheddar and bread (a small baguette or a couple of good hard rolls), accompanied by cornichons & olives
    --any leftover protein (pork chops, turkey, steak), cut into bite sized bits w/teriyaki sauce over leftover white rice, sprinkled with furikake
    --your favorite fruit, diced, with plain yogurt, granola, and walnuts or almonds
    --fruit salad w/lots of chopped nuts & flaked coconut
    --microwave cheese quesadillas; bring tortillas & cheese from home & heat up at lunchtime

    Fresh fruit is the key component to a good brown bag, IMHO. Green apples, bananas, pears, tangerines, fresh pineapple, berries, whatever's in season...and buy some best-quality small 1/2 oz chocolate squares for a sweet finish.

    1. I like to make a bean salad...

      I use whatever canned beans I have, black, great northern, garbanzo, kidney, black eyed peas, whatever, and dress it with vinegar (whatever looks good), olive oil, and garlic/herbs. it can also be spiced up with artichoke hearts, beets. Just throw in what you like. Put it into gladwaresque containers and throw into your lunch bag. Keep adding leftover veggies it will keep in the fridge for a while.
      I like it with cottage cheese and fruit (on the side, not mixed in!).

      I concur with the chocolate comment. Treat yourself to something sweet. I know that's what i really want at lunchtime.

      1. I ditto the idea on hummus, it's really healthy for you. And I just buy a good grade hummus from the store. (If the store-brought hummus you buy seems a bit dry, then just add a few drops of good extra virgin olive oil.) I usually spread a nice bit of hummus over toasted whole wheat breat (again, trying to be healthy) and add a few slices of roasted red bellpepper and sprouts. Super easy and super tasty!