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Looking for spectacular private event location in a restaurant for 100

As the title says, I am looking for somewhere spectacular in the GTA for up to 100 people for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Susur cannot accommodate, and I have a call in with Perigee. Anywhere else to consider? Canoe is also on the radar.

I'm really looking for a place that people will receive the invite to and say "wow, I MUST attend this..." All suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. What about Canoe, the Fitness Institute or 360 at the CN Tower? All have spectacular views, especially in the evening. If it's a work event, Canoe or the FI (79 Wellington) is more accessible to the Bay St crowd.

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      I was at a similar type of function at George recently. The bartenders really new their stuff! They have a private function room (where our group was) and a patio which seemed to be perfect for smokers. Hors d heovres were great.

    2. You could try Bymark/North 44, if the show on Foodtv is anything to go by they could definitely cater a high end event for 100 people or more.

      Also, can I get an invite? :-)

      1. I think FI would be a great choice, except that SG is looking for the "wow, I MUST attend" factor and I don't think that would do that. I think Perigee, Canoe, maybe Chiado (from what I hear) would have that effect. Can't think of many others that would have that wow effect. Depends on the crowd of course.

        1. I had my company holiday party at Perigee last year and it was spectacular. They had some incredible canapes during our cocktail hour. However, I'm not sure they can accommodate 100 people, even just for cocktails. I believe that George would be able to fit that many.

          1. Though I've yet to try it, I've been hearing rave reviews about the food and the room at Kultura - in terms of new and cool spots, it's got a lot of "wow" factor these days. And there's also David Adjey's new place - is it L'Atelier? - which I think may only be open for private events.

            1. I vote for Canoe. The view is spectacular, and the place has a real cachet. A top Toronto chef recently told me he considers it the best dining space in the city. The question is whether their private dining room or bar area can accommodate 100 people.

              Other options: Scaramouche (another great view), Auberge du Pommier (a great space in fall/winter, and convenient for an uptown/905 crowd).

              Jamie Kennedy has a lot of cachet and several restaurants, which have gotten mixed reviews.

              Chris McDonald's Cava?

              Chiado, I think, would be exciting for foodies, but not for the uninitiated.

              1. The rosehill is a great venue and definitely under-the-radar for your private party needs:


                1. Have you considered 'Chinese'?! May be a 10+ course 'Banquet' dinner per round table of 10 at Lai Wah Heen might meet your criteria. Whole roast suckling pig, premium shark fin soup, Braised abalone, wok fried lobsters, authentic Peking duck..... etc. I believe the restaurant is willing to close up and cater for just your party.

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                    since the request is for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres it seems more like a possible networking event as well and in that case a sit-down dinner is not the more preferred although an event at Lai Wah Heen could be well received.

                    estragon's suggestion of JK i think is a good option, specifically the Gardiner Museum location. the space is quite nice and airy and his food is really ideal for a walk around and sup event.

                  2. Canoe generally only does private functions on Saturday night in the restaurant/bar area. They do have a back room but it does not have the cache of the main restaurant.. Very expensive over $10,000 plus food/drinks, just for the bar area!!!

                    1. The best event place I've ever been to in the GTA is the academy of spherical arts. They have a website, check it out.

                      1. Graet Hidden Gem.
                        OverJoy Lounge in Leslieville.