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Oct 26, 2006 06:27 PM

Best Cheesesteak on the White Horse Pike?

Hello there fellow chowhounds! I am originally from Philly, (now in Florida) and am taking a group of nine ladies to the Jersey Shore for a long weekend. They all want to have a cheesesteak - now I know that you don't have to go into the city for this, there are great places all over. Our route takes us from the Philly airport via Route 30 to Hammonton, then on to Long Beach Island.

Anyone know of a great cheesesteak place between the Walt Whitman Bridge and Hammonton, on route 30?

thanks in advance!
Joan from the Florida board

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  1. I don't think you're gonna find anything along that route at all. It seems to me you have two options. 1) before you get on the Whitman bridge go to tony lukes, which is basicall under the bridge. Pretty Good cheesesteak. Actually was voted Best of Philly a couple years ago. 2) get on the expressway from the bridge and head down to atlantic city. That trip won't take that much longer, time wise. A cheesesteak at the White House sub shop is out of this world. A little different then the philly cheesesteak because of the roll, but equally as delicious. I know this doesn't specifically answer your question, but it's the best i can offer!

    1. Thanks Smitty!
      Going out of our way to Atlantic City is not really an option, especially since we'll be going there sometime during the visit anyway. Tony Luke's sounds like a winner, only a few minutes detour. Is it in a decent neighborhood? I'm not expecting anything fancy, just don't want the gals to be scared of getting out of the car...

      1. yeah save it for the White House. even if the they aren't the absolute best they're darn good, and lookin at all the celeb pics that cover the walls is great fun. they have EVERYONE!

        1. a small detour will gert you to Chicks in Cherry Hill - right off Route 70 on the westbound side and probably the best in South Jersey.

          1. Neighborhood is fine. It's not the best area in the world, but there are generally so many people getting steaks there all times of the day that you will have no problem at all. For the record, you should all buy a roast pork with sharp provolone and sauteed spinich and split it also. No matter what else i get, i cannot leave without getting one of them also, it's that good! Good luck and let us all know what you thought.