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Oct 26, 2006 06:15 PM

Is it too early to think about my turkey?

So, about this time every year, I dutifully submit my turkey order to Whole Foods, and come back with a turkey that's a clearly better than the frozen butterball cement blocks....but I'm getting itchy to drag home a turkey I can **really** brag about. Any suggestions on who's going to have the best birds? (I'm looking for unprepared/uncooked turkey's -- not be confused with the turkey-in-a-box concept.)

Many thanks!

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  1. I still find Whole Foods to be about the best.

    Wilson Farms in Lexington is another place to try.

      1. We ordered our Thanksgiving turkey a couple of weeks ago, from a small farmer in Groton. He raises heritage turkeys for the winter season only. I think he calls the business Fantasy Farm or Fantasy Acres, something like that. We've gotten turkeys from him the past 3 years and enjoyed them enormously.

        1. You might in advance try a turkey from Mayflower Poultry in east Cambridge. No assurance of being organic but it is a small local operation (up near Lowell, IIRC) and their poultry is generally immaculate. They are open on Saturdays but closed on Sundays. Place smells like an old fashioned butcher/poultry shop -- the clean smell of recently killed flesh, which can stun people who never grew up with a butcher or poultry shop.

          Another suggestion: rather than a turkey, try a couple of fresh capons. Mayflower carries fresh capons. Capon is a wonderful thing, woefully underappreciated these days. Big-breasted but tender, full of flavor, well suited to being roasted. If I had a choice of capon versus turkey, I'd choose capon hands down. And I like turkey.

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          1. re: Karl S

            Was at Roche Bros. in West Roxbury today and noticed that they had frozen capons next to the turkeys in case anyone is interested.

            1. re: Iva Katz

              Owens Turkey Farm in Needham has fresh capons all year 'round.

          2. We ordered from Heritage Foods this year from the first time. Not local (Fantasy Farm sounds cool) but we've heard good things and like what they stand for. The shipping requirement is the only downside of trying to be supportive of non-industrial farming.