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Oct 26, 2006 06:10 PM

Dining Solo-Dwntwn Minneapolis

Downtown quite frequently on business and always looking for places with good food where I don't feel like a schmuck coming in solo. Anyone have any good recommendations on places that not necessarily cater to solo diners, but present a comfortable atmosphere and have good food and good drinks?

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  1. Hey cl,

    A few days ago, a Portland business traveler posted the following thread:

    My response was geared towards a solo business traveler operating on some level of an expense account.

    As I mentioned in that thread, 112 Eatery is my definition of solo business travel heaven. Top-notch food, business casual atmosphere, and you won't feel one bit uncomfortable dining alone at a table or the bar.

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      cool, thanks. I gotta try this 112 place. Been by there before, but never been in. Every now and then i'll go to Nami or Origami for sushi, and I believe it's near there. Will be in MN on Monday thru Friday.

      1. re: clclark2000

        The bar at 112 is a great place to eat solo. The few times I've eaten at 112, it's been by myself. By the end of the meal, I've usually struck up a conversation with others at the bar.

        Another place that would probably be good is Mission American kitchen. Food's fairly good. Drinks are good. It looks like you can order food at the bar, too.

        Other suggestions -- Spoonriver and Chambers Kitchen both look as if they could accommodate a solo diner pretty well. I've only had drinks at Spoonriver so can't vouch for the food. Had dinner at Chambers Kitchen and the food and drinks were both great. It looked like you could eat upstairs (i.e., on the ground floor) at Chambers, but don't know that for sure.


    2. Restaurant Alma has a small but nice bar that's really pleasant for a single diner (or for a couple). You can watch the friendly staff pouring wine, see into the kitchen, and chat with other diners.

      Alma isn't downtown, but it's just across the river - you can even walk there across the Stone Arch Bridge (a lovely trip when the weather is nice).

      And the food is marvelous.


      1. Clark,

        My husband dined at the bar of Chambers last night and said it was excellent.

        I'd also 2nd the alma - my fave place.

        Try Cue at the Gutherie as well.

        And the bar at La Belle Vie has plently of room.

        Have fun!

        1. Definitely agree with Nami, Origami, and 112. Another charming little sushi place nearby is Koyi. In some ways I prefer it to either Nami or Ori because (a) it's a quiet, charming, and hip ambience that's easy for a solo diner to enjoy, and (b) they put more emphasis on just plain great fish selection. More than once, I've been appalled at the white tuna at Nami, but never disappointed at Koyi, and their hamachi a couple of nights ago was pure silk.

          A couple of blocks beyond 112/Nami/Origami/Koyi is the Monte Carlo. They have some yummy apps and entrees, great food service at the bar, 36 single malts(!), and it has long been a place oriented to the business diner. Much Minneapolis wheeling and dealing gets done there at lunch time.
          The Monte Carlo
          219 3rd Ave N
          Minneapolis, MN 55401
          (612) 333-5900