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Oct 26, 2006 06:01 PM

Uptown Whittier recs

Any recs for a casual Uptown Whitier dinner, near Greenleaf

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  1. With you being in Whittier near Greenleaf, you absolutely have to check out Golden Triangle, known for their delicious Burmese dishes. See a review and pics that I posted last month below:


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    1. re: pleasurepalate

      Their Ginger Salad is wonderful.
      (Best not to have a sales appt. right after, as your breath will be VERY garlic-y!)

    2. Just tried Crepes & Grapes the other night, on the corner of Greenleaf & Bailey. Good food, very casual sit down service, and really good crepes. Reasonable prices too...most entres under $10.

      1. Datillo's on Greenleaf has pretty outstanding manicotti. At least, it did when I last lived in Whittier two years ago. The pasta shell is a sort of fresh-made crepe, much fluffier and egg-rich than a standard manicotti shell. Not everything there was stupendous, but that manicotti was special.

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          IMO, Datillo's has slumped a bit lately. Not sure if there is an explanation for it, but the food has not been that great.

        2. There are a couple options to consider. Phlight is a tapas place that is pretty good. It's not going to blow your socks off, but it's pretty good. The other option is 6748, which is a bar that does decent burgers and that type of stuff. Good, down to earth place.

          Golden Triangle is probably the best foodie place by a long stretch.

          1. I'm also looking for recs. I'm with picky eaters, so unfortunately the golden triangle is out. Italian, Mexican are safe bets, and American food is the easiest. Any suggestions in that range?

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              There's a quite good Santa Maria-style BBQ on Greenleaf maybe two or three blocks south of Golden Triangle. And there's always Crepes and Grapes for dessert.