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Oct 26, 2006 05:39 PM

CIA Classes

I was thinking about doing one of the week long CIA classes this summer. Has anyone done one? Any experiences to note? They sound like fun but I worry that it might be too geared toward the total beginner. I am no expert but I know a fair bit about about food and cook a lot. Can anyone comment as to the experience level and content?

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    1. re: pescatarian

      thanks. It is the CIA "boot camp" in NY that I was thinking about. I think I might just have to do that. The report makes it sound great

      1. re: frankiii

        I agree. It's on my list of the things to do!

    2. There was a post about this CIA NY program not long ago. Someone who'd attended chronicled the week of "Culinary Boot Camp" which is what I assume you are asking about. If you are referencing the programs at CIA Greystone in Napa, CA, that is a different thing altogether.

      1. I took the ProChef Certification course from CIA at Greystone. I'm not in the food industry, but a friend of mine who is, got me into the class with a group of people from his company. It was a week I'll never forget. I thought I knew a little about food until I took this course.

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          Can you tell me about the experience? Did you actually take the certification exam or just the classes?

          Thanks a lot,