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Oct 26, 2006 05:36 PM

Kobe Beef Burger at Burger Inn, Calgary, AB

I had this uncontrollable urge for a burger last night so I drove over to Burger Inn near 4th St and 17th - just a block north of Towa sushi. (The Burner Inn near my house on Bow Trail closes at 8pm so it wasn't an option.)

Of course the whole purpose of the visit was to try their Kobe beef burger so I was pleased to see a large poster at the counter which tried to justify the cost. I was a little disappointed to realize that the "Kobe Beef" isn't from Japan but from some place in Camrose, AB. The poster was a little vague but it seemed to indicate that the beef isn't pure Kobe either... more like a half breed of the Japanese Wagyu cattle and Angus.

Kind of dissapointing since they're asking quite a bit for the burgers. Their "Kobe" burgers come in 4,6,8 oz. sizes and ranged from around $12 to $16. Kinda pricy considering the fact that this isn't some fancy restaurant but a franchise with a cheap-diner type of interior. I ordered the 6oz plus a side order of fries and a pop (~$20) while my hungry friend ordered a 4oz burger, an Elk burger, curly fries and a pop (~$25).

I watched in dismay as they started to cook my frozen-air-hockey-puck-of-a-patty in the back. (Not only is it frozen but it isn't even char broiled ?!) My stare was broken by the lady at the counter who asked me what I wanted on my burger. She recommended that I eat the burger without any condiments to enjoy the flavour of the "Kobe" beef and I agreed. After all, I wasn't about to dish out $15 to taste ketchup or mustard.

Ten minutes later, we were asked to pick up our food. They were laid out on paper plates and consisted of a lightly buttered sesame seed bun with a naked burger along with a small handful of fries. I was a little surprised at the small portion of fries since we paid extra for them but what the heck, I was there for burger.

So how did it taste ? Well, it tasted like a tender burger with no condiments. The burger was tender and juicy and .... as exciting as eating unsalted popcorn. Halfway through the burger, I almost gave in to the Heinz but I forced myself to finish it. Ok, it wasn't bad but I tried to forget the fact that I drove 40 minutes and paid $15 to find this out ! In retrospect, the bugers at Pete's Drive In are just as tender and much tastier. Hmm....

As for my friend, he ate his plain burger with the excitement one would expect from ... eating a plain burger. Every once in a while, he'd turn around to look at the neon sign across the street which said "SUSHI". He'd then look at me with an evil glance before returning to his burger.

The only time he showed anything positive was when he bit into his fries. "Ken ! Try these curly fries ! They're pretty good !", he said. Other than that, his elk burger may as well been deep fried for an hour because it resembled a scotch pad. Oh yeah, he did seem happy when we got up to leave.

So in summary, for those of you interested in trying Kobe beef, I can assure you that it isn't worth trying it in the form of a burger - especially at this particular restaurant. Find a place which serves it as a steak or better yet, visit Japan and try it in the form of sukiyaki or even beef sashimi.

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  1. Yeah, I think I could resist that urge- the only non-standard burger I've had at BI was the turkey. I got it because I had memories of a fantastic turkey burger at Lick's in TO (this was at their now-demolished Eaton Centre location, which closed before Lick's started to SUCK) and it was pretty good. Since then I always get the regular burger combo with cheddar and the works, and have never been disappointed about the food- now those paper plates unsupported by a tray and the scary hospital-cafeteria, music-free ambience has got to go. Burger Inn crossed with Tuubby's would be fantastic.

    Note- it still looks like there is a plan in the works to turn "Marda Scoop," the ice cream place that used to be Confetti's in Marda Loop, into a serious burger place, run by the good people who've brought us the Belmont and Galaxie Diners and Palace of Eats. I have great hopes for this one.

    1. Not sure what the point of a Kobe beef burger is. The whole point of ground beef is to use a cut that's lean but has a whole lotta meat flavour.

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        I would have agreed with you until I had a kobe beef burger at the aurora bistro in Vancouver. The flavor was absolutely amazing, tender and succulent like no other. My husband still groans longingly after it and we would have gone back the next day but it was a daily one-off special.

        ANd I agree with John about Nellie's. I cannot fathom why people will shiver out in the cold for that bland, bland food.

      2. Ya, i tend to think that it is a bit weird to have a Kobe Beef burger, paticularly one that is executed by burger inn. dont get me wrong, i love the joint, but wouldnt consider them sophisticated enough to take that on.
        I always order the B.I.G, curly fries and doctor pepper.

        (I would love the Belmont/Glaxie guy to open a burger place! i love the burgers at Galaxie because i love a greasy burger from a well-seasoned diner griddle)

        1. Wasn't it great when the Belmont first opened and they were open for dinner? No crowds and you could get the breakfast burrito for dinner- of course the lack of crowds is probably why they decided to follow the Galaxie and just do bfast lunch, but that horrible Nellies across the street is open late...

          1. Thanks for the replies !

            John, as someone who lived in Toronto for 25 yrs, I know what you mean about Licks. It used to be _the_ place to go.

            As for the Kobe Beef burger, if I was running a restaurant and had no choice but to serve the beef in burger form, I'd take an oriental approach and be creative. Like serve it char broiled with some shiitake mushrooms and green onions marinated in a soy sauce mixture. But I guess that's too much to ask for a place like Burger Inn.

            I'll stick to their traditional burger next time. ;)