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Oct 26, 2006 05:11 PM

Arthur Avenue for lunch

We are going to Arthur Avenue tomorrow and am looking for a great place for lunch. I've heard a lot about both Dominick's and Roberto's but am told there are better. Any suggestions?

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  1. There's no place in the area better than Roberto's, which - after a decline which I attribute to their moving and expanding - has been back on their game the last 3 times I've eaten there. Great food, but not inexpensive, and not a "traditional" red sauce place; if that's what you're looking for Dominick's will fill the bill - family style, no fixed menu, etc. Mario's, across the street, is better overall, I think - but opinions on that certainly vary.

    Wherever you go, I suggest you save coffee and dessert for one of the pastry shops - Egidio's or DeLillo's are both fine.

    1. I have to agree with the above poster, Dominick's is great, Mario's is great and Roberto's is probably the best of all three. I've been to every restaurant on Arthur Ave and most of them are very good, but if you go to any one of those 3 you won't be disappointed.

      And good call on Egidio's. Just had pastries from them this weekend and they were heavenly. Enjoy.

      1. Mario is not all that and I believe is highly overated. Dominicks is a hole in the wall but other then that it has GREAT food.

        1. I agree about Marios but they have some great pizza.

          1. Anyone have recommendations for inexpensive, quick, take-out type places for lunch in the area? I am a graduate student at Fordham and am looking to expand my Arthur Ave options.

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              Hey Catherine, try tony and tinas on Arthur Ave one block off of Fordham Rd. Its a pizza parlor but do not go in there for the pizza. Try the Burek, its albanian pie and they have different types. They have spinach burek which is my favorite and they also have with feta cheeze or meat. There 3 bucks a slice and when you buy it also ask for the homemade yogurt that goes great with the Burek. This definitly hits the spot. I usually get a craving and and its worth the drive for me from Riverdale!!

              1. re: BxVaL

                Second the Tony and Tina's rec--I posted about them recently on this thread: Alas, last Tuesday, they still had no sign of the pumpkin, but I'll keep looking for it.

                The spinach has leeks (which I loved), and a creamy cheesy filling (which I didn't). I much prefer the meat and cheese. And yes, the tangy thick creamy yogurt is fantastic.

                But definitely, ask them to heat up the burek in the pizza oven, NOT the microwave. Crispy goodness.