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Oct 26, 2006 05:09 PM

One Month Chowing Through NYC

Hi all,

I now live in SF but I'm returning to NY for a month. Here's my current list of places to try. I lived in NY for ten years - left in 2000. Any suggestions/additions/recommended deletions welcomed!

Less Expensive:

Angon on Sixth
Pearl Oyster Bar
Daisy May BBQ
Shake Shack
Little Giant


Casa Mono

Big Splurges:

Le Bernadin (no, not new, but I never got around to it)

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  1. On the less expensive side, try Tia Pol. Just had a really outstanding meal there.
    Also, if you're here for a month, come out to Brooklyn. There are so many great restaurants that have come about since you left in 2000. Check the Outer Boroughs board. You won't be dissapointed.

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    1. re: ChowDiva

      I'm thinking the same thing as ChowDiva. With a houndly approach, a solid month will give you plenty of time to explore much that the Five Boros have to offer. Why limit yourself to Manhattan, or even a set list? I'm sure we could rattle off places to no end, but why don't you keep up with the boards and post some specific queries. You can eat locally during the week and trek out to destination spots in Queens and Brooklyn on the weekends.

    2. it's getting a little cold for shake shack. you might want to grab a burger and a pint at Molly's Pub instead.

      1. Inexpensive:


        1. Lupa is actually cheaper than Little Giant and probably around the same price as good for dinner. I wouldn't recommend good for dinner, but it's a nice brunch.

          1. switch out Daisy Mae and substitute R.U.B.

            Do some street/to-go food:
            > evening cart at 53rd and 6th Avenue (AKA "the cart")
            > a Papaya like dog (Chelsea Dog is my fav)
            > DeMArco Pizza to go (try square and round slices)
            > Italian Sub at Faicco's (with Roasted Red Peppers)
            > Cannoli at Rocco's

            Try S'Mac, a Mac and Cheese place.

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            1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

              Second "the cart" and Rocco's cannolis - yum...

              1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                Ew, I thought S'mac tasted like blue box, only dry and with less flavor.

                If you like 'Ino, check out 'Inoteca...bigger, bigger menu, more comfortable wait, tasty house-infused vodka cocktails!

                Tried 'Cesca on UWS recently...pleased with all food and especially service. Don't miss the risotto!