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One Month Chowing Through NYC

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Hi all,

I now live in SF but I'm returning to NY for a month. Here's my current list of places to try. I lived in NY for ten years - left in 2000. Any suggestions/additions/recommended deletions welcomed!

Less Expensive:

Angon on Sixth
Pearl Oyster Bar
Daisy May BBQ
Shake Shack
Little Giant


Casa Mono

Big Splurges:

Le Bernadin (no, not new, but I never got around to it)

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  1. On the less expensive side, try Tia Pol. Just had a really outstanding meal there.
    Also, if you're here for a month, come out to Brooklyn. There are so many great restaurants that have come about since you left in 2000. Check the Outer Boroughs board. You won't be dissapointed.

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      I'm thinking the same thing as ChowDiva. With a houndly approach, a solid month will give you plenty of time to explore much that the Five Boros have to offer. Why limit yourself to Manhattan, or even a set list? I'm sure we could rattle off places to no end, but why don't you keep up with the boards and post some specific queries. You can eat locally during the week and trek out to destination spots in Queens and Brooklyn on the weekends.

    2. it's getting a little cold for shake shack. you might want to grab a burger and a pint at Molly's Pub instead.

      1. Inexpensive:


        1. Lupa is actually cheaper than Little Giant and probably around the same price as good for dinner. I wouldn't recommend good for dinner, but it's a nice brunch.

          1. switch out Daisy Mae and substitute R.U.B.

            Do some street/to-go food:
            > evening cart at 53rd and 6th Avenue (AKA "the cart")
            > a Papaya like dog (Chelsea Dog is my fav)
            > DeMArco Pizza to go (try square and round slices)
            > Italian Sub at Faicco's (with Roasted Red Peppers)
            > Cannoli at Rocco's

            Try S'Mac, a Mac and Cheese place.

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              Second "the cart" and Rocco's cannolis - yum...

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                Ew, I thought S'mac tasted like blue box, only dry and with less flavor.

                If you like 'Ino, check out 'Inoteca...bigger, bigger menu, more comfortable wait, tasty house-infused vodka cocktails!

                Tried 'Cesca on UWS recently...pleased with all food and especially service. Don't miss the risotto!

              2. Noting this all down. Thanks much -

                1. - what about bagels, lox, and cream cheese - bagels at Ess-A-Bagel, lox at Russ & Daughters
                  - soup dumplings at New Green Bo
                  - Il Laboratorio del Gelato, or the gelato at Otto
                  - Roll & Dough (do a quick search on the board - lots of buzz recently) for "bings"
                  - not new, but I do miss Junior's (original) cheesecake whenever I'm away from NY
                  - re: Pearl Oyster Bar - I would also consider Tides...
                  - pizza at DiFara
                  - brunch - opinions vary, Prune and Five Points are favorites, I like Sarabeth's a lot

                  Welcome back and happy chowing!

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                    sfmom, just saw your post re: staying on the UWS - Sarabeth's is on 80th and Amsterdam, if you do decide to go.

                  2. Good is gross. Ive never had a good meal there, believe it or not.

                    1. I recommend Angon on Sixth for deletion. Others disagree.

                      There are many other suggestions I could make for addition. It would help to know where you'll be staying or/and hanging out and what cuisines you're most interested in. Are you avoiding Chinese because San Francisco has good Chinese food? I could understand that, but if you do want Chinese recommendations, I can give you several.

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                      1. re: Pan

                        Yup - avoiding Chinese because it's pretty good here. I'm not doing outer buros because we're bringing our two little kids and I don't realistically think I'm going to be able to do any distance. Even downtown will be ambitious! We're staying on the UWS.

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                          Since you've now mentioned you'll be staying on the UWS, you should definitely add Telepan, on 68th St., b/t Columbus Av. & CPW, to your splurge list. It opened a few months ago and has been getting pretty much univeral raves. (Note: Chef/owner Bill Telepan was formerly excutive chef at the late JUdson Grill.)


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                            Have Indian food at Indus Valley, 99th St. and Broadway, which is a flat-out excellent Indian restaurant, open for lunch and dinner.

                        2. Replace Angon with Spicy Mina's in Queens, just 20 minutes by train. Tell her you came all the way from SF to taste her food and watch her face light up. You won't be sorry.

                          If you find the train ride easy, come back another day for Sripraphai. Make sure you come on a friday and you don't stuff yourself, walk a few blocks and try an arepa from the Arepa Lady.

                          Second the Roll and Dough, the bing place at 3rd St. and 6th ave. And New Green Bo. Still dirty, still excellent.

                          1. I'm partial to Mary's Fish Camp in lieu of Pearl Oyster Bar

                            1. As someone suggested up-thread, I highly recommend Tides, the teensy fish/seafood "shack" on the LES, as a substitute for or in addition to Pearl's. The food's delicious; the space has a stylish charm, including a *very* unusual ceiling; and the owner, Stephen, is one of the nicest people around.


                              Even if Shake Shack is still open when you are here, the warm weather months are the best time to go there because enjoying your food while sitting outdoors is a major part of the experience. I agree that Molly's is an excellent indoor alternative. But you might also want to consider BLT Burger. It just opened yesterday, and there already is some buzz that the burgers are excellent. Drool-inducing photo on eater.


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                              1. re: RGR

                                My husband loves burgers. Thanks.

                                1. re: sfmom

                                  Good call on WD-50 and Lupa.

                                  I love shake shack but the one burger place I'd recommend to someone from the Bay Area (where burger options seem more plentiful) would be Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien.

                                  You should also try some quality pizza while you're here. My faves in the city for a sit-down pie are Arturo's in the Village and Patsy's in East Harlem. But you really should try to get out to Ave. J for a slice of the square at DiFara.

                                  One other suggestion for cheap eats: Israeli-style falafel. One of my favorite meals in the city can be found at Azuri Cafe (51st and 10th Ave). Just bear in mind the owner Ezra can be quite a grump.

                                  1. re: a_and_w

                                    Second the rec for Azuri Cafe - one of my favorites too!

                              2. On the UWS, try the medium-prices Epices, W.70th just in from Columbus. Tunisian/Middle Eastern flair. Have never had a bad meal there. The Epices or Mediterranean salads are great, and the Seafood risotto and Tunisian gemelli (sp?) are great.

                                1. You should not miss Barney Greengrass for breakfast, soft scrambled eggs (tell them specifically soft scrambled), nova and onions, get two plain, untoasted bagles to put the eggs on and you will have eaten the best breakfast ever.

                                  With Yasuda, you are going to want to sit by Yasuda at the bar btw.

                                  I'd go with Jean Georges over either Bernadin or Daniel. Jean Georges has a $40 lunch which I hear is the best in the city btw, if you don't want to do a super splurge. My guess is Per Se is off the list because you have your own much nicer location version :).

                                  You might want to consider blue smoke but do not even think about BBQ there, it is all about the Hamburgers, Fried Bologna and Cuban sandwiches...

                                  Also Pastis, has a great cheese steak sandwich with fries. I would only get that sandwich there...

                                  I am a fan of BB Sandwich shop too, but have not been in a while.

                                  I have never been to lupa, but have been to babbo and otto, so I am pretty sure they have Olive Oil Gelatto there. This is easily the best gelatto I ever had.

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                                    BB Sandwich shop isn't really worth singling out, especially in that list! Not bad, just not extraordinary. There are better Philly steak places in town, e.g. Tony Luke's. It does make a fun, cheap snack if you're in the area, though.

                                    Lupa, as an unofficial Mario spot, to my knowledge doesn't have the olive oil gelato.

                                  2. I would do Esca as a splurge, David Pasternak is doing some killer food there still