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Oct 26, 2006 05:08 PM

what happened to cafe bizou in santa monica? Why did it close?

I did not know they are gone. What happened?

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  1. Where are you getting this info? I work in the Water Garden and it was open as of a few days ago. I also just called to ask what the soup is today and they answered the phone, though I think she called it Bizou Garden.

    1. Cafe Bizou was not making it in Santa Monica, and sold the place to Alan Zaas, who was granted the use of the name Bizou Garden, yet not their own Cafe Bizou name. Different operation, yet probably overlapping menus.

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      1. re: carter

        Interesting. Do you know when this happened? It seems to be the same food and the same crowd (as far as I can tell). They did redo the bar area a while ago and it looks nice.