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fresh chicken

This weekend we are having a birthday dinner for my son. The recipe calls for 2 1/2 to 3 lb chickens and they need to be quartered. Foster Farms chickens might be this size (but are probably smaller) but I doubt a grocery store butcher would want to bother quartering packaged meet for me. Alternatively, I could go to Whole Foods where they will cut the chickens up but they're too large -- 5 or 6 lbs.

Does anyone have a recommendation for where I could get 2 1/2 to 3 lb chickens?

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  1. You can get them at the butchers in the LA Farmers' Market (at The Grove). There is one butcher whose name I cannot remember, but it is close to the crepe place that seems to specialize in poultry.

    1. If Farmer's Market is too far, try Gelson's or Whole Foods. They have "real butchers" who will do it.

      1. Thanks. But at Whole Foods the smallest chickens are about twice the size I need.

        1. Chinatown! There's a place that has live animals out back and they do it all inside.

          I'm sure they'd perform that service.

          1. 99 Ranch Market.


            One of the few groceries left with butchers behind the meat counter that will disassemble carcasses to your specifications.

            - Chubbypanda


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              I'm a HUGE fan of 99 ranch. Up till discovering this Chowhound thing I didn't know that there were people who loved that place as much as I do.

              We need a 99 Ranch and Jon's forum...just to discuss our love of those places.

            2. I was thinking the same thing. I just wanted to add "isn't it interesting how some people from different counties cut up there chicken?" I had chicken in an indian resturant once and the individual pieces sure were strange looking!

              Why is aged beef good as compared to fresh chicken?

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                Chinese restaurants and butcher shops cut it up so you can pick up a piece with chopsticks because they don't use knives and forks.

                Why is aged beef good as compared to fresh chicken?
                Are you Jerry Seinfeld?

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                  Chinese butcher shops do NOT make it common practice to cut the chicken small enough for pieces to be picked up with a chopstick. Ask at any 99 Ranch, and you'll be told "We don't do that." They'll quarter a chicken, and maybe halve the quarters, but they won't cut it into the inch-thick pieces you'll see at a restaurant because they use that huge machine saw and it's too dangerous to cut into such tiny pieces. You're on your own if you want it that small.

                  A smaller butcher might do it for you, if he's in a good mood.

                  And there's no need to be rude to Scotty. Most people on this board might know the answer to that question, but so what if he doesn't? They're different meats, they respond differently to aging. Aging beef results in flavor and texture enhancement that some people enjoy. Aging chicken would probably result in salmonella.

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                    Thanks Pei-I wasn't being smart-I truly didn't know

              2. I don't know what grocery stores you shop at, but every one I go to has pre-packaged quartered chickens or whole chickens which I quarter myself.

                Size you want is a broiler-fryer chicken (anywhere up to 4 pounds). Its the most popular chicken and most plentiful in the meat case. Select the size package that meets your recipe requirement. 5-6 lb chicken would be an older stewing chicken.

                1. Gelson's carries the best, freshest under 3 pound Sheltons or their Gelson's brand. I am sure if you went to the butcher counter they would quarter your whole birds for you. This is our local source for the small birds required for the famous Zuni chicken and Tuscan bread stuffing. I know there is one in Pasadena and one here in Newport Beach.

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                    ahhh yes, the small birds required for that delicious zuni recipe-yuum!
                    I buy my petite birds at Farmer's Market Poultry in the Farmer's Market (3rd and fairfax).
                    There are 2 poultry places-the other is Puritan Poultry, but I prefer FM Poultry (at the Dupar's and Kokomo's side of the market), because the guys are so damn nice and will cut to your specifications.

                  2. The Koreatown Galleria Market (SE corner of Western and Olympic) sells very good fresh chickens on the smaller side.

                    1. I'm not sure where you're located, but Valley Produce in Reseda has a full service butcher which will cut your chicken to order. Also carry larger kosher birds which are a bit more tasty IMO.

                      Vallarta Markets will do the same for you as will Jons. Both have locations all over th place. For a higher end bird try Ventura Kosher Meats in Encino. Full service, excellent quality.