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Oct 26, 2006 04:53 PM

BYOBs in DC???

My friend and I are coming in from Philadelphia this evening for a concert at The Black Cat (1811 14th St. NW WDC 20009) and we are interested in going to dinner at a BYOB around there but couldn't find any...
Any recommendations would be appreciated and if there are no decent BYOs around there please make other suggestions...

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  1. Some of these are not full on BYO's, but here is a short list of places that allow it according to Zagat: 701, Acadiana, Bastille, Bis, Ceiba, Oohs and Ahhs (near the black cat, but I wouldn't reccomend it), Sonoma, Vidalia (expensive but simply awesome)

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      Thanks so much...Are most of these places I could wear jeans as we will be casual since we are headed to the concert after?

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        I don't get the slur on Oohs and Aahs -- that would be a great place to go before the Black Cat.

      2. I'd give some rings to them- if you aren't dead set on a BYO I really love Bar Pilar which is right next door to the Cat. Food is great (the new menu is wonderful), the liquor and beer selection is great, and yes you can wear Jeans.

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          Oh, I went to their website and Bar Pilar looks like our type of place--THANKS!

        2. Again, not a BYO (gonna be hard to find a BYO where you can wear dungarees in DC), but Rice is a very good, reasonably priced restaurant on 14th St near the Black Cat. Thai/Asian cuisine. Link to review:

          Good Luck, and enjoy the show! Who are you seeing?

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          1. re: mdatwood13

            We are going to see The National...
            Thanks for the recommendation...

          2. When you go to Bar Pilar there are 3 drinks to try- the white sangria, the mojito and the mint julip. :) Enjoy! PS- if they haven't updated the website yet it's all upscale tapas now.

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            1. If you're looking for Philadelphia style BYO's, you're not going to find them here. You'll almost certainly be charged a corkage fee at any of the above restaurants you bring your own bottle of wine into.

              BYO's in Philly are a great unintended consequence of Pennsylvania's arcane and bizarre liquor laws.