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Oct 26, 2006 04:48 PM

xocoa barcelona

has anyone tried their choccolate or chocolate beer? Is it good chocolate?

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  1. I tried a few things last April, but wasn't very impressed.

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    1. re: emily

      Why were you not impressed?
      The Wrappers on the Chocolate Bars are fantastically wrapped !!
      Is there a quality or taste problem ?

      1. re: ALROC

        The chocolate didn't seem to be of very high quality and the pieces I tried didn't wow me in terms of flavor. I always try new chocolate shops when I travel, though, and am rarely excited. Xocoa wasn't bad, it just didn't rank as high as my favorites (Kee's in NYC, Patrick Roger in Paris, Woodhouse in Napa...)

      1. chocolate is good as are the staff.
        I prefer

        1. I was in Barcelona in November and wished I had had time to visit more chocolate places. That said, I wasn't too impressed with Xocoa: the chocolate was okay , but I thought that Cacao Sampaka's was of much better quality and flavor.

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          1. re: lulucat

            Cacao Sampaka's aztec chocolate with its hint of hot pepper is really
            pretty great. But it's so far from a traditional Spanish chocolate that
            why bother?

            I've spent some time trying to find the best chocolate in Barcelona. Unfortunately
            I've interwoven that time with simultaneously trying to find the best Carajillo in
            Barcelona so my judgement may be clouded. But for my money, the best to be found
            is at the Cafe de l'Opera up there about halfway up the Ramblas.

          2. Ferran Adrias brother ,Albert Adria is the chocolatier who owns Cacao Sampaka. The place does not claim to make spanish chocolate, but completely reimagines chocolate.
            That said he makes a pretty good traditional spanish thick drinking chocolate.

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            1. re: armaity

              Thanks for the info, I didn't know there was an Adria involved.

              I had some chocolates from Cacao Sampaka (I think it was their Americas collection), including chili, curry, saffron, ... They were great. We brought back the oddball collection for some friends (anchovy, vinegar...), but we forgot to get some for ourselves. Hopefully our friends will share, and I'll report back!