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Oct 26, 2006 04:35 PM

Best and most original risotto in the North End or in general?

ive only had risotto at 2 place in the North end once at La Brace and once at Pomodoro both times was a plus. But when it comes to going out to eat I have to admit im a bit nervous to try out new places especially when I know for certain I can go to a place I frequent and know im going to have a good meal.

So any recomandations?

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  1. Whenever I have a risotto jones, I go to Assaggio.

    1. The best risotto I've ever had is at Bridgeman's in Hull. Marky Mark's brother is quite a chef!

      Never had it at Assaggio. I like the atmosphere at that place, but wasn't bowled over by the food. (The basement room is very romantic, though--good place for a date or special occasion.)

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        I agree, Marc. The one thing I've found that Assaggio does excellently (well, maybe they do more than ONE thing excellently) is their risotto. It's really good.

      2. what kind of risotto does Assiaggio have?

        1. It usually varies by season, but a frequent variation on the menu is wild mushroom. Plus, they always have a risotto of the day. I've had shellfish, spinach, morel, beet, etc. there. It's not so much that they use unbelievably funky ingredients, it's just that they do a wonderful job of properly making the dish.

          1. Union Bar and Grill in the South End has an excellent sweet corn and sausage risotto as an appetizer.