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Oct 26, 2006 04:15 PM

In search of the city's best Margarita

My wife and I are big margarita fans. Before it gets TOO cold, does anyone know where we can find New York's best margarita?

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  1. I go sometimes to Radio Mexico for Margarita's (under the Brooklyn Bridge) but mostly cause there cheap.

    1. i had a very tasty margarita last weekend at lobo on court st in brooklyn. fresh lime juice, none of that too sweet & tart premixed crapola.

      1. By far the best I've found in Manhattan is at Margaritaville.. immediately across the street on the Vandervilt Ave side of Grand Central. They have a very large selection of premium tequila to chose from, the glasses are LARGE and they actually add alcohol to the mixture! (unlike some places I've run into). A favorite of ours for an "after work" drink before catching the train.

        1. For proper, artfully-made margs: Suenos, Hell's Kitchen

          For cheap, limey, made with mix, fun and sweet: Tortilla Flats and Nacho Mamas (up near COlumbia); even had a good one at the Senor Swanky's in the village this weekend.

          1. The classic and imo, the best: Burrito Loco on W. 4th. Tons of nifty flavors, oh yeah and on your birthday they make one in your mouth. Def worth a shot. ;)