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In search of the city's best Margarita

My wife and I are big margarita fans. Before it gets TOO cold, does anyone know where we can find New York's best margarita?

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  1. I go sometimes to Radio Mexico for Margarita's (under the Brooklyn Bridge) but mostly cause there cheap.

    1. i had a very tasty margarita last weekend at lobo on court st in brooklyn. fresh lime juice, none of that too sweet & tart premixed crapola.

      1. By far the best I've found in Manhattan is at Margaritaville.. immediately across the street on the Vandervilt Ave side of Grand Central. They have a very large selection of premium tequila to chose from, the glasses are LARGE and they actually add alcohol to the mixture! (unlike some places I've run into). A favorite of ours for an "after work" drink before catching the train.

        1. For proper, artfully-made margs: Suenos, Hell's Kitchen

          For cheap, limey, made with mix, fun and sweet: Tortilla Flats and Nacho Mamas (up near COlumbia); even had a good one at the Senor Swanky's in the village this weekend.

          1. The classic and imo, the best: Burrito Loco on W. 4th. Tons of nifty flavors, oh yeah and on your birthday they make one in your mouth. Def worth a shot. ;)

            1. Jesus, these are some weird recommendations. Try El Parador on 34th St., but specify your tequila and have them make it on the rocks with Cointreau instead of Triple Sec. Fresh, delicious, strong, and big.

              1. Since chow gal's recommendation will bring you to the UWS:
                << Nacho Mamas (up near COlumbia) >>

                You might also give Gabriela's a try where you can also specify your chosen tequilal. Columbus between 93rd and 94th.

                1. In Manhattan, Rosa Mexicana. In Brooklyn, Lobo. If you can handle spicy, try the smoky Ancho Chile Margarita at Lobo, which is my favorite margarita in the whole city right now.

                  1. Alright here is a Mexican's absolutist perspective on what to look for in a great Margarita...

                    > First, just know the Original Margarita is simply Tequila Blanco, Cointreu, Lime Juice, On the Rocks or Neat, Salted Rim

                    > Second, don't bother getting anything more premium than say Hornitos... you want a decent 100% Blue Agave tequila... but if you pay extra for Patron & on upward you are just a sucker.

                    > Third, avoid Artifical Mixes at all costs. A quality Margarita... taste, character & tradition demands fresh, natural ingredients... limes, strawberrie, cactus pears, mango... you can have quite a variety... but always avoiding the mix.

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                      "Third, avoid Artifical Mixes at all costs"
                      This is entirely the key...yet it seems so hard to find a margarita that is made without mix. I usually resort to ordering just tequila and fresh lime juice (Tequila gimlet of sorts)...