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Oct 26, 2006 04:13 PM

Help please. Westside Itailan Sunday Dinner

A group of friends meet once a month for a Sunday dinner and it's my turn to pick. Looking for an Italian restaurant on the west side of town with moderate priced entrees ($20 - $25). Thanks!

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  1. I recently went to Osteria Latini in Brentwood that I thought was pretty good.

    You can see the website at:

    You can see pics I took at dinner at:

    Good luck in your search!


    1. Cesca. 75th and Amsterdam

      1. Strong candidate for Best Value for Money Westside Italian:

        Il Forno
        2901 Ocean Park Blvd.
        Santa Monica
        (310) 450-1241

        Most expensive item from their online menu:

        FILETTO DELLA MAMMA - Filet mignon sautéed with scallions and red bell peppers in a light cognac and cream sauce ~ $18.95

        Check out this CH report:

        1. Il Moro generally gets good reviews and I think it would hit that price range.

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            I second the Il Moro suggestion.

          2. Pizzicotto in Brentwood. The pastas are so good and priced in the teens. Also a good wine list. Make reservations.