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Oct 26, 2006 04:00 PM

what to do with soft pears


I have 4 pears about to go bad, definitely too soft to enjoy eating as are. Ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I always add my soft pears to the pot when I'm making applesauce.

    1. Pear sauce (as in applesauce) is a great way to use up ripe ones. Peel, a small amt. of water to cover and bring to a soft bowl. Allow pears to cool a bit and puree in blender.
      Nice with pork, stirred in yogurt or alone.

      1. We are all forever thankful to Galleygirl for her PEAR TART recipe:
        on Oct 14, 2004 galleygirl replied

        This is my father's all-time favorite dessert...I got it from a chef-friend of mine, named Laurie....She calls it a Pear Tart, but it's more like a dense, rich, buttery cake, made heavy by the pear juice that infuses it...Don't overcook; it's even better the next day!

        Laurie's Pear Tart

        3 or 4 ripe juicey pears....
        Peel,core and cut into sixths, or eighths

        1 stick butter
        3/4 c. sugar
        1teasoon vanilla..

        2 eggs, one at a time...

        1 c. flour
        1 teasoon baking powder
        1/2 t. salt...

        Add to butter mixture.

        Spray an 8" (important) spring form pan with Pam...Spread the batter in it..Now, in a pinwheel pattern, press the slices of pear, peeled side up, into the batter...Cram in as many as you can; since the batter rises and covers the pears, there's no points given for style here(g)...The more pears, the moister the cake will be.

        Bake at 350 degrees til a skewer comes out clean, about an hour...If you have any doubts, UNDERBAKE....This is a whole different animal if it dries out...Then it's just a cake; correctly done, you'll love it...It's just one of those recipes that is greater than the sum of it's parts. really. Ask my Dad...;)

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          Not that this tart needs any more testimonials, but ohmigod, I made it for the first time a few weeks ago, after years of thinking about it, and it was absolutely incredible. Everyone asked for the recipe.

          1. re: AppleSister

            I am jumping on the bandwagon for this cake....yum. But I changed it up. My husband said he needed the pears for his breakfast, so I used apples and blueberries (one for crunch one for juice. I also baked in ramikins, put a layer of half done dulce de leche, then the reduced-sugar batter (modified to be wheat free because of an allergy), and then the fruit. Other than the batter being blue, it was fantastic. I also used almond extract. Highly recommend.

          2. re: SLO

            A few comments about the pear tart recipe, which I've made many times and love. I purchased an 8" spring form for the recipe, but I actually prefer it made in a larger (9" or 10") pan. You can fit in more fruit, and (imo) it looks better. I also think it's better if you sprinkle the fruit with a little bit of granulated sugar mixed with ginger or cinnamon.

            1. Cut them in half, remove core, add dollop of raspberry jam & butter. Top w/ sliced almonds if you have them on hand. Bake until soft.

              Pears in dessert wine - rough chop pears and cook in 1/2 C (???) dessert wine until syrupy.

              Savory pear "jam" as a side for roasted pork - add cored pears, finely minced fresh rosemary & lemon zest, SPTT to food processor. Pulse until chunky & blended.