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Spartanburg SC Help!

OrganicGal Oct 26, 2006 03:54 PM

I'm going to be staying in downtown Spartanburg, at the Marriott, for a conference, today through Sunday early afternoon. I will be without transportation. What chow recommendations do y'all have? I posted this question a while ago, and did not receive any answers, which worries me...and I've checked a couple of travel forum sites, and any time a question regarding Spartanburg and restaurants is posted, there are no responses.

Is there that much of a dearth of good food? Am I consigned to hotel meals for the duration? C'mon, there has to be one hidden gem in Spartanburg, righ?

  1. Jeff C. Oct 27, 2006 07:27 PM

    I've been to Abbey's twice in the past couple of years, and it was good both times. Not haute cuisine but fresh, tasty, and prepared with a light hand. Prices are high moderate, but they do have some smaller plates if I remember correctly. Decent wine list, too.

    1. l
      leahinsc Oct 26, 2006 10:51 PM

      Abbey's grill is very close to the Marriott downtown and probably your best bet. I've eaten there for lunch only but been very pleased - they do good work with salads and vegetables especially. Across the street there is another restaurant but the name escapes me. Used to be a sushi place right downtown but don't know if it is still there.

      1. SweetPea Oct 26, 2006 09:32 PM

        At the top of this page, type in Spartanburg, SC and look at prior threads. Lots of info there. I'm not familiar with Spartanburg so I don't know what "downtown" means, but when we go through there we often stop at dairy dream (I think that's the name) for a peanut butter milkshake. Whoa.... they are good!

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        1. re: SweetPea
          OrganicGal Oct 27, 2006 11:18 AM

          Actually, I tried that, SweetPea...the most recent post about anything other than the Beacon, really, was from over a year ago. And that one referenced changes occurring in the downtown area. So, my guess was that the area had changed since that last post. Since I live in an area that has one of those "downtown revitalizations" going on (Raleigh, NC), with something like 5 new eating establishments either having opened or being scheduled to open in a 6-month period, I know that can have a major impact on a dining scene! So, I was wondering (hoping?) that the same had happened in S'burg.

        2. danna Oct 26, 2006 06:01 PM

          S'burg. Tough one. Two places worth going that I know of, both down market. Neither downtown.

          Wades: basic but tasty meat and three. Not funky/creative meat and three, mind you..but good, addictive rolls.

          The Beacon: and landmark. YOu better have a pretty strong stomach for fat if you go. The last time I got a hash-a-plenty (a plenty means onion rings and french fries) I had to toss it about 3 a.m. But it was good going down. Must get the tea. Perhaps you can get a ride....neither of these places are FAR from downtown. If it were summertime I would say walk it...but probably not now.

          There is something my parents go to called Abbey's Grill. It may be close to downtown. I will try to find out and post back. Good luck.

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          1. re: danna
            danna Oct 27, 2006 04:30 PM

            A friend recommends Limeleaf for Thai downtown. She half-heartedly recmmends Hub City Grill. These are third-hand, so YMMV. Good luck.

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