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Oct 26, 2006 03:54 PM

Spartanburg SC Help!

I'm going to be staying in downtown Spartanburg, at the Marriott, for a conference, today through Sunday early afternoon. I will be without transportation. What chow recommendations do y'all have? I posted this question a while ago, and did not receive any answers, which worries me...and I've checked a couple of travel forum sites, and any time a question regarding Spartanburg and restaurants is posted, there are no responses.

Is there that much of a dearth of good food? Am I consigned to hotel meals for the duration? C'mon, there has to be one hidden gem in Spartanburg, righ?

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  1. S'burg. Tough one. Two places worth going that I know of, both down market. Neither downtown.

    Wades: basic but tasty meat and three. Not funky/creative meat and three, mind you..but good, addictive rolls.

    The Beacon: and landmark. YOu better have a pretty strong stomach for fat if you go. The last time I got a hash-a-plenty (a plenty means onion rings and french fries) I had to toss it about 3 a.m. But it was good going down. Must get the tea. Perhaps you can get a ride....neither of these places are FAR from downtown. If it were summertime I would say walk it...but probably not now.

    There is something my parents go to called Abbey's Grill. It may be close to downtown. I will try to find out and post back. Good luck.

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      A friend recommends Limeleaf for Thai downtown. She half-heartedly recmmends Hub City Grill. These are third-hand, so YMMV. Good luck.

    2. At the top of this page, type in Spartanburg, SC and look at prior threads. Lots of info there. I'm not familiar with Spartanburg so I don't know what "downtown" means, but when we go through there we often stop at dairy dream (I think that's the name) for a peanut butter milkshake. Whoa.... they are good!

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        Actually, I tried that, SweetPea...the most recent post about anything other than the Beacon, really, was from over a year ago. And that one referenced changes occurring in the downtown area. So, my guess was that the area had changed since that last post. Since I live in an area that has one of those "downtown revitalizations" going on (Raleigh, NC), with something like 5 new eating establishments either having opened or being scheduled to open in a 6-month period, I know that can have a major impact on a dining scene! So, I was wondering (hoping?) that the same had happened in S'burg.

      2. Abbey's grill is very close to the Marriott downtown and probably your best bet. I've eaten there for lunch only but been very pleased - they do good work with salads and vegetables especially. Across the street there is another restaurant but the name escapes me. Used to be a sushi place right downtown but don't know if it is still there.

        1. I've been to Abbey's twice in the past couple of years, and it was good both times. Not haute cuisine but fresh, tasty, and prepared with a light hand. Prices are high moderate, but they do have some smaller plates if I remember correctly. Decent wine list, too.