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Oct 26, 2006 03:52 PM

Need recs for Seaside/Cannon Beach (OR)?

Besides Chinese and Mexican, is there any ethnic food in Seaside or nearby?

I'm going to try to make it to Bistro or Newmans at 988 (Cannon Beach). Any other interesting restaurants (I'm not looking for seafood)?

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  1. We spent some time in Cannon Beach in August . . . we hit Newman's and it was fine but not overwhelmingly good, I had the salmon special but the fish was a little dry. The truffle pasta appetizer, however, was outstanding.

    We also went to Gower St. Bistro (don't know if that's the Bistro you're referring to) and it was outstanding. (Outstanding enough that we went 4 times in 1.5 weeks!). The gnocci were wonderful, the fresh crab salad with avocado and citrus was wonderful, the roast chicken was great, as was the caesar salad, the drinks & wine list were fine and the service was casual but thorough.

    In general I haven't found a lot of ethnic food on the OR coast, but there is supposed to be a cajun place in Seaside (off the water) that has alligator . . . if I can remember the name I'll post again.


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      Thanks for the feedback on Gower St. Bistro and Newman's. It sounds like it is the clear winner. I think the "Bistro" that others have referred to on this board is:

      The Bistro
      263 N. Hemlock St
      Canon Beach
      (503) 436-2661

      I could not find out much about it on the Web, but people seem to like it a lot.

      Was the Cajun place you were referring to Lil Bayou?

    2. Okay, went to Bistro, it was lame, I won't go back. My husband and I frequent Newman's but usually just get their first courses and then entree size a few as well. He does great soup. Or travel south to the Nehalem River Inn, (20min. south of Cannon Beach)

      1. Another alternative is A Pacific Way Cafe in Gearhart. The bread from their own bakery is terrific. Had lamb shanks there that was almost as good as my own.

        1. Oh I love Cannon Beach and Seaside! Whatever you do, do NOT miss Pizza A Feta in Cannon Beach. Tucked away in a tiny little shop complex, down the street from the Pig N' Pancake, is some of the best pizza in the PNW. Perfect crust, perfect sauce, perfect cheese, perfect toppings and combinations and ratios of each ingredient. It's the kind of food that leaves you in pain after eating, because you've eaten so much of it. It’s so good it feels like an insult to leave a piece untouched. Grab a pizza to go, bundle up and eat it down on the beach in front of Haystack. You can thank me later. :D

          1. If you want Chinese, the Great Wall in Gearhart isn't bad. Nice owners and good food for low prices, especially the lunch special.

            Bigfoot in Seaside on the main highway past the Safeway makes a mean french dip sandwich.