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Oct 26, 2006 03:47 PM

Compass or Telepan?

We need to choose between these places for a post-opera (matinee) dinner in December. Both are walking distance; we prefer either to going across the street from Lincoln Center, which we've done often.

We had a lovely dinner at Compass last month - delicious food, good service, etc.
Should we return to Compass or try Telepan? How do they compare?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That's a choice only Solomon could make. I love Compass every time I go - from the bread basket to the interesting wine list to the killer desserts. It has become one of my favorite restaurants in New York and another reason to get excited about seeing something at Lincoln Center. Telepan, however, is also great and compares very well to Compass. I have been to Telepan for a post-opera dinner and liked it so much I went back a few weeks later for brunch. Both were outstanding. I would say that Telepan's dishes are generally on the lighter side than those at Compass (last time I was at Compass I had a huge, decadent lamb shank; so rich), but they are certainly not slight. In my opinion, the level of cooking and quality of ingredients are comparable to Compass.

    Since you've already been to Compass, I would say try Telepan. I think you will like it a lot and then you'll have another option when you find yourself in that area. Report back whichever way you decide.

    1. Telepan.

      I can't get as excited about Compass as other people do, whereas I think Telepan is fast becoming a standard-bearer on the UWS.

      - Sean

      1. Both are good, Telepan is great.

        1. I vote for Telepan as well. I go to both quite often, if you have already tried Compass, I'd say give Telepan I chance, you won't be disappointed!