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Oct 26, 2006 03:40 PM

Best cheese store/specialty foods

What are your thoughts on the best cheese store/specialty foods in Manhattan?

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  1. Murray's Cheese Shop for cheese, it is really great and they have good wine and cheese tasting classes too!

    1. Di Palo's has a special place in my heart, but I also shop at Murrays, and Ideal Cheese on occasion.

      1. Grace's Marketplace is consistently excellent thru all departments. So are the Eli's (the one on Third Ave and the one on East 90-something) altho the prices are vertigo-inducing. Kalustyan's is the go-to spot for mid-Eastern, far-eastern & most ethnic foods.

        The Dean & Deluca uptown on Madison and 85th could be better IMO. Agata & Valentina has lots of fans but I think it, too, could be better.

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          I don't think the cheese at Eli's is great though - all pre-wrapped as I recall. D&D on Madision could definitely be better - produce often lousy and overpriced ... not at big fan of A&V either. I don't know if Citarella is considered a specialty store, but I do a lot of grocery shopping there.

          1. re: MMRuth

            I actually prefer the cheese at Grace's...I totally forgot Cit's...I shop there a lot, too...It's good but not IMO tip-top...I think the prepared food is really unappetizing & something about it doesn't seem as clean as it could be.

            1. re: fauchon

              Agreed ... I guess I just so rarely buy prepared food that it nevers enter into my evaluation ... I don't even notice it .... I do love the produce at Eli's ... if wishes were horses, etc. I'd buy all my produce there.

        2. Odd part of town, but you should all go to Todaro Brothers on 2nd Ave and 30th. The Todaro Delight is a completely irresistable combo of cheese. Great with crackers, proscuitto or melted on a burger. They have authentic italian goods - even flour which is great for homemade breads/pizzas. Grandma's kitchen without having to hit little italy.

          1. Ideal Cheese, First (51-52) has terrific selection, well informed salespersons. Unusual offerings from small producers. (But no fresh ricotta - what's with that?)