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Oct 26, 2006 03:26 PM

thai islamic noodles in salad king

we're having salad king at work today (yum) and i was just wondering how many of you know about their thai islamic noodles. this is, by far, my favorite dish there and it's not even on the regular menu!

it's like a pad thai with a coconut milk based sauce on top. have it with 3-5 chillies and it's sooo good!

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  1. I had the thai islamic noodles a couple of years ago when it was a daily special. This was before the renovation. I loved the curry coconut milk sauce. I was disappointed it didn't make it to the regular menu. Thanks for letting us know they still make it. Next time I'm at Salad King I will try to order it.

    1. The salad king webpage won't load for me now, so i cant remember the name of the dish im trying to think of.
      It sounds similar to what you had, a pad thai noodle with coconut milk and peanuts. I believe it also had chicken in it. I went a few weeks ago, so I know its still on the menu and I would definitly recommend it!

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        the thai islamic has no peanuts but i know which one you're talking about. i think it's siam noodles or something like that. thai islamic isn't listed on the menu but you can order it from your server.

      2. The islamic noodles do rock. And I have found that Salad King takeout travels surprisingly well. Best Thai for the money, eat in or takeout.

        1. I just had the Thai Islamic noodles at Salad King on the weekend...they are perfect..great combination of sweet and hot any ideas on the origin of the recipe?

          1. Thai Islamic Noodles is the best dish Salad King has, but since I've never ordered anything else there in the last 10 years I may be wrong. Not on the menu, they will still make it for you. Flip Toss and Thai on Harbord near Bathurst also makes it (cook there used to work at Salad King) but the quality does not compare. Good for when you're desperate and can't get downtown.

            Salad King
            340 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B1R7, CA

            147 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H1, CA