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Mideastern restaurant - suggestions?

Would greatly appreciate some suggestions for great Mideastern food in Manhattan from you who know the Manhattan food scene much better than us.
We are staying in the East 70's, but would certainly travel for a great dining experience.


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  1. You'd have to travel a bit but these are all great...

    Bamiyan - Afghan cuisine - 3rd Ave corner of 26th St

    Turkish Kitchen - 3rd Ave btwn 27th and 28th

    Ali Baba - 34th btwn 2nd and 3rd Ave

    I also love the Shwarma at Chickpea

    1. Turkish Kitchen, on 3rd Av., b/t 27th & 28th Sts., is our favorite for that cuisine. Excellent food, efficient service, and very attractive decor.


      Ethos, on 3rd, b/t 34th & 35th Sts., serve delicious traditional Greek food in a casual, taverna-style setting. They specialize in whole fresh fish (displayed on ice). The kitchen grills your selection to perfection, and the staff then expertly fillets it tableside. The lamb dishes, including moussaka, are cooked and served in clay pots.


      Darna, on 2nd Av., b/t 34th & 35th Sts., serves excellent Moroccan fare. (Note: Don't miss the sensational bewats appetizer.) Friendly service and pleasing Moroccan-inspired ambiance.


      1. Casa la Femme on East 59th serves very good Egyptian food.


        1. I'd suggest the "cart", best hallal around and a true NY experience. 6th ave right by the Hilton.

          1. Beyoglu on 81st/3rd is pretty good - you can make a meal of the mezes

            1. Ali Baba Amsterdam and 84th, but it's more take out. (crowded seating, no table service).

              1. I agree with Turkish kitchen and cafe mogador on st marks.

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                  I go to Mogador every few months.

                  My recommendation: get the sampler app (ask for extra pita bread), and a lamb tagine w/ green sauce (with couscous).

                  It's not the best place in the world, but there's a nice atmosphere and the food is pretty good. It is a bit pricey, but it's NY so it's hard to avoid that at sit-down places.

                2. I enjoy many of the aforementioned places (Beyoglu, Turkish Kitchen, Ali Baba, and Ethos) and would also like to add a couple that are a bit off the beaten path but delicious:

                  101 Restaurant

                  really good turkish food in cozy environments. both are around Kip's bay (28th and 2nd or so)

                  1. I've enjoyed Al Bustan for a sit-down dinner. Third Ave at 50th, I think. If you want something good that's inexpensive and not fancy...try Bread and Olive on 45th between 5th and 6th. Great spot for lunch and the food is DEEElicious!

                    1. try Rectangles Cafe 1431 1st Ave (74th street)
                      (212) 744-7470 - the used to be in the east village and then moved uptown.

                      1. I really enjoyed a meal at Mamlouk on E4th St btw Ave A&B. They have a very nice prix fixe dinner every night at 7 and 9. They have no menu, you are just served whatever the chef is cooking, but we really liked just about everything. Assuming it hasn't slipped in the year since I've been there, it is really a great way to sample a lot of different dishes (especially if you haven't eaten a lot of middleeastern food).

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                          that's one of my faves. we actually had the rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding there and it was a big hit! casual, not stupidly expensive, and really good food. (although this was two years ago).

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                            I forgot to mention the prix fixe menu was $45 for ~7 courses.

                        2. Certainly not great but definitely good & right near where you're staying... the Afghan Kebab House at 2nd Ave & 70/71 Str...the aushak app is excellent, the kebabs are good...it is a very simple, inexpensive neighborhood place but, depending on your mood, it can be just right...

                          1. impossible not to go to MOUSTACHE. east 10th street or west village. unbelievable middle eastern. cannot be missed!!! authentic atmosphere..you will not be disappointed!