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Oct 26, 2006 02:51 PM

Sushi Yasuda

How much will I be spending there without alcohol?

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  1. Depends on how much you eat. We stuffed ourselves with 6 pieces sashimi and about 20 pieces of sushi each, with tax/tip and $30 of sake, $350 for two.

    1. And you can do it for less: we ate as much as we could for less than $150 a head. Depends on your capacity...

      1. and i did it with 2 people, eating until we were both full, for $170 for two. (no sake)

        1. yes, it varies widely. subtracting sake, we two girls spent about 50 bucks total per person last night; it was a fairly light, late-night meal and perfectly satisfying. a few weeks ago, subtracting sake and beer, bf and i spent about 75 per person for a very satisfying dinner.

          one of the things i enjoy about this place, aside from the superb quality and simple, traditional elegance of the food, is the flexibility, so that one may eat light for under 50 a person or go hog wild for much more.

          1. i've done $75/pp omakase sushi and also sashimi/sushi not including tax, tip, drinks). i left full and satisfied.