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Sushi Yasuda

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How much will I be spending there without alcohol?

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  1. Depends on how much you eat. We stuffed ourselves with 6 pieces sashimi and about 20 pieces of sushi each, with tax/tip and $30 of sake, $350 for two.

    1. And you can do it for less: we ate as much as we could for less than $150 a head. Depends on your capacity...

      1. and i did it with 2 people, eating until we were both full, for $170 for two. (no sake)

        1. yes, it varies widely. subtracting sake, we two girls spent about 50 bucks total per person last night; it was a fairly light, late-night meal and perfectly satisfying. a few weeks ago, subtracting sake and beer, bf and i spent about 75 per person for a very satisfying dinner.

          one of the things i enjoy about this place, aside from the superb quality and simple, traditional elegance of the food, is the flexibility, so that one may eat light for under 50 a person or go hog wild for much more.

          1. i've done $75/pp omakase sushi and also sashimi/sushi not including tax, tip, drinks). i left full and satisfied.

            1. I finished at the higher end of the responses here...

              We sat in front Yasuda and ate until we were VERY full, including two rounds of the toro tasting (which I'm sure adds up pretty quick).

              We had 3 beers (total, not each) and some ice cream...came to $180 a person.

              1. Does anyone know if it is officially less expensive at lunch than dinner? In practice, it seems to work out that way.

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                  Menu and prices are, in my experience, the same at both times, Dave.