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Where to find a chef's hat in Boston area?

I tried Williams Sonoma but they don't carry them.

Can anyone suggest a place to look? I need it by Saturday.

Thank you.

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  1. Kitchen Arts on Newbury St.

    1. BTW, for Googling or shopping purposes, they're called Toques.

      1. Something tells me that someone is going to a Halloween party as a chef! ;-b

        1. The Recipe Fairy Actually.

          I have the apron, wings and sppon/wand.

          I was hoping for a red hat but Kitchen arts only has white.

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            If you can't find any red hats, but some dye and dye it. Its easy & really cheap.

          2. How about the restaurant supply stores.

            Eastern Bakers Supply Co Inc
            (617) 742-0228 145 N Washington St
            Boston, MA

            here is a link to others.


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              Eastern Bakers is a great kitchen supply store for pros and amateurs alike, but be aware that it is only open weekdays 8a-4:30p.

            2. If you want a floppy hat, then you can get one at Work n Gear, there is one on McGrath Highway in Somerville, or if you want the tall white one then what you could do is call the Boston Harbor hotel or say the Mariott and I am sure they could get you one.

              1. Try BMS paper on Washington Street in JP. They are open on Saturdays.

                1. If it is not too late you might try a costume shop: Jack's Joke shop on Tremont St. or Boston Costume, both downtown.