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Oct 26, 2006 02:30 PM

Need casual lunch place in Northeast Philly

I am meeting someone for lunch next week in the vicinity of the Country Club Diner - but we don't want to go there. It used to be good, but not any more.

Does anyone know of a place near there - luncheonette, tavern, etc. -where we could get a salad or sandwich or hamburger? As you can see, we're not looking for fine dining, just a decent place for lunch.


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  1. go further north on Cottman....Nick's ROast beef is cheap n taverny. if still there.

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      Good idea! I'll check if it's still there.

      1. re: sylviag

        There's not much of a seating area but Zeps on Bustleton Ave (In the shopping center between Bustleton and Red Lion) is very good. They have terrific lunch specials as well. $5 for kabob platter (which includes chicken or beef, salad, hummus and rice) and a soda.