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Oct 26, 2006 02:02 PM

Duncan Hines pareve again!

Pinnacle Foods confirmed that its Duncan Hines cake mixes are again being re-formulated to be non-dairy and O/U Pareve. Lactose intolerant and kosher consumers are rejoicing throughout the land.

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  1. The following kashrus notice is from the OU on Oct. 25, 2006.
    Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mixes have gone back pareve status. Pinnacle Foods has reversed a decision made in 2005 to switch the product to dairy. Twelve of 18 Moist Deluxe flavors, representing more than 80 percent of sales, are being returned to pareve. These include, Moist Deluxe Classic Yellow, Devil?s Food, Lemon Supreme, Butter Recipe Golden, Swiss Chocolate, Spice, Fudge Marble, Pineapple Supreme, Butter Recipe Fudge, German Chocolate, Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate Fudge.
    Pareve production began in September and Duncan Hines has begun shipping product to stores. It should be in most locations by November and December, the company says.
    Ed. note: Check each label to ensure that each product purchased is pareve and not from the previous dairy production.