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Oct 26, 2006 01:33 PM

Aki on West 4th

Although I'm usually a traditionalist when it comes to sushi (Gari being the most notable exception), I would highly recommend Aki. I finally found the ika uni dish I was searching for. King crab served with truffle oil! Tuna mille feuille with apples! Very good sushi and even a green tea tira misu with passion fruit for dessert. With a tasting of 3 terrific sakes a steal for under $100! Place is cute but only half a dozen tables and about 6 seats at the bar.

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  1. Agreed---i am a big fan of Aki. The Omakase offers 3 appetizers (each rather small), sushi and dessert for only $50.

    A good mix of unique apps and traditional sushi.

    1. I had a great experience at Aki on 4th. Do you know if it's connected to the other Aki's in the city?

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      1. re: comidaqueen

        i believe it is not. i think that's why they insist on calling it 'aki on w 4th,' cumbersome as that is to say.

      2. I really like this place, it's really got a funky kind of vibe and the food is really good, I also go for the omakase and the saki's are fun too

        1. Hiya,

          What's the noise level like at Aki?
          Do they take reservations and do I need one?

          I'm thinking of taking a visiting older (and crotchety) relative. Would this place be appropriate?

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          1. re: rubymydear

            The restaurant itself is very quiet. However it's right above one of the most famous dive bars in the city so it can get pretty loud when you get there or leave.
            You'll probably need reservation as the place is tiny. Alternatively you can get there very early (I think they open at 6 and have a cheap prix fixe 6-7pm).

          2. I tried Aki and wasn't taken with it. Is there a specific way to order? On the other hand on 7th Ave. South is a fabulous sushi place called Edo (or something very much like that) with delicious special rolls...and prices are much more reasonable.